1.  The pollen is four inches deep and destroying us all.

2.  Nobody thinks they need snacks until it’s 1:00am and then they’re starving.

3.  Our cat was outside AND I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE GOT THERE.

4.  Phoebe is close to a nervous breakdown. Beeping sounds over the phone set her off yesterday.

5.  A hideously long snake on the dock? Sheeeeeiiiittttt.

6.  It’s weird how rowdy teens don’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I know there won’t be noise coming from the basement forever.

7.  First eighty degree days of the season, first lightly pink sunburn for the girl. Can’t tell those teens nothin’ about sunscreen.

8.  Sometimes Seven looks practically possessed, especially in the late evening hours.

9.  Cutting his nails might make that easier to take.

10.  Sleepy head, heading to bed. Nite nite.