1.  Coffee.

2.  Nope, that should read COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE.

3.  Bombas slipper socks.

4.  Comfy pajama pants.

5.  Even the loose, flowing type that trigger Seven’s hunting reflex.

6.  A remarkably soft throw.

7.  Even better, a throw that easily covers my feet.

8.  A great moisturizer.

9.  Body wash that smells like vanilla.

10.  Streaming services without commercials.

11.  I know, I know…first world problems.

12.  Quiet time with the fur babies.

13.  Low humidity days when my frizz is minimal.

14.  My Denman brush.

15.  Kitty purrs.

16.  Happy dog rumbles.

17.  Freshly laundered t-shirts.

18.  Well broken-in tees.

19.  Pretty fires that don’t make a room stifling hot.

20.  Plump throw pillows.

21.  Sunny days that aren’t blistering.

22.  Looking at the water — pond, lake, river, or ocean.

23.  The first hummingbird of the season.

24.  Cats parked at the window watching for the first hummingbird of the season.

25.  And every one thereafter.

26.  Gracie after she’s gotten a good bath.

27.  Mia’s soft as bunny fur.

28.  Seven’s spunky antics.

29.  This. Watch to the end. Seriously.

30.  Kitty tunnel time.

31.  When a new recipe is a home run.

32.  A good night’s sleep.

33.  Napping kitties.

34.  Warm sand but just between my toes because sand getting all in my suit and hair is a full blown mess.

35.  Music on the water.

36.  Hundred year old trees.

37.  My cell phone. (Yes, it’s true, I actually like my cell phone.)

38.  Cat TikTok.

39.  NPR.

40.  Those moments when life pauses enough to let you breathe. You know what I mean?