1.  Shoulda started this dang thing three hours ago.

2.  You know how it goes: finish dinner, start blog post, get completely derailed by the “your cloud storage is full” message locking everyone up.

3.  I’m working on it.

4.  Cue googling.

5.  “Cloud storage is full, how do I fix it?”

6.  “Laptop vs. phone?”

7.  “What apps need iCloud backups?”

8.  “Will my phone blow up if I select Delete Backup?”

9.  Just kidding about that last one.

10.  Well, just kidding about googling it. I would really like to know, though.

11.  I’ve chipped away at some of my crap clogging up our digital storage.

12.  Now if I could just decide whether deleting my last backup and creating a new one will lead to catastrophe or a fresh start…

13.  Sigh.

14.  We went out to Eno River Farm last weekend because duh, strawberry season.

15.  And what does strawberry season demand but cobbler. Sweet, sweet cobbler.

16.  I’m sure I shared Diva’s strawberry cobbler recipe with you before but it’s well worth a second share.

17.  I’ve made several batches of this truly delectable dessert but I found the magic piece this week.

18.  The first cobbler I made was terrific but oddly flat. Not like it didn’t rise but like it didn’t have enough batter for the pan, y’know?

19.  So I baked the second one in a different dish. It was still yummy but didn’t change the basic ratio.

20.  What does one do when something seems just a wee bit off? Go back to basics.

21.  That meant revisiting the website, watching the video, and rereading the entry leading up to the recipe.

22.  That’s when I stumbled upon this tiny yet crucial detail: “I always remember to double the crust mixture when it’s too late. That crust part is the best part of the cobbler in my house. Feel free to double if desired!”

23.  What?! 

24.  Gee, would I like more cakey cakeness in my cobbler? YES, PLEASE.

25.  I’m here to attest that keeping the strawberry mixture the same while doubling the cobbler crust is 100% the winning detail in this recipe.

26.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

27.  You know what else I don’t regret? Putting the cobbler leftovers — yes, somehow we had leftovers — in multiple Tupperware containers labeled clearly with someone’s name.

28.  And with the stroke of a Sharpie I was released from cobbler guarding duty.

29.  No more mom, can I have another piece?

30.  Here’s your Tupperware. Eat it all in one sitting, eat it over the next five days, either way is fine with me.

31.  Excuse me while I enjoy some delicious cobbler out of my own little Tupperware over here.

32.  Our animals are passed out all around me.

33.  I took the girls out for what could generously be called a stroll yesterday afternoon.

34.  We’re quite the motley crew. One dog with heart trouble, another who’s elderly, and me with my bad back and bum knee.

35.  But I figured I could walk them to the stop sign and back, and I did…right up to the part where Gracie’s leash wrapped around me twice and in trying to untangle myself I lost my balance.

36.  Nothing says grace under pressure like landing on your ass beside your dog. Bless.

37.  The cats are tuckered out by their squirrel adventures.

38.  One was running along the windowsill as Mia snoozed. Seven spotted it and ran headlong at the window.

39.  Mia’s shock as he barreled past her was comical. As was her confused look watching him spend the next hour racing from window to window, determined to protect us from squirrel attack.

40.  I vote we all sleep secure in the fact that furry kitties defend the homestead against all manner of intruders, large and small.