1.  We’ve hit the 99th 40 things? That seems auspicious.

2.  Maybe not as much as the hundredth but still.

3.  Calls for a bit of song.

4.  It’s been a while since I belted out 99 Red Balloons so I’m not sure if it falls under Celebratory but the title alone earns it a spot.

5.  Yeah, now that I think about it isn’t the song about war or something equally Not Good?

6.  Whatever, I’m sticking to the title thing.

7.  Woke up yesterday thinking it was Friday.

8.  I didn’t sleep great so I blanked out and grabbed my Saturday meds.

9.  When I figured out I pulled the wrong day I put those back and grabbed Friday’s.

10.  When I realized it was actually Thursday it was a dang miracle I didn’t throw the whole mess across the room.

11.  I really need to get more sleep, man.

12.  Phoebe’s a bit high strung these days.

13.  I took the dogs out midmorning yesterday and was momentarily disoriented by loud noise.

14.  A few seconds later it hit me — there were loud work machines on the other side of the trees behind us.

15.  For me “work machines” covers any large construction equipment.

16.  Broadly speaking I’d say it’s anything that pushes, pulls, builds, crushes, or a combination thereof.

17.  It’s an educated guess seeing as I couldn’t actually see the enormous noisemaker but I’d bet on a mid-sized dozer.

18.  Can you call a bulldozer a dozer? It sounded okay in my head but looks weird on the screen.

19.  That’s neither here nor there, though. The important part is how Phoebe reacted to the noise.

20.  Gracie galloped across the yard without a care in the world, but Phoebe? No go.

21.  Phoebe stopped in her tracks, pushed against me, started shaking, then basically climbed up my leg until I let her back in the house.

22.  I guess she was convinced I was lying about the machines being gone since she wouldn’t even go out on the next two trips.

23.  Some might call her stubborn.

24.  I prefer to say she’s a dog of her convictions.

25.  Unfortunately those convictions seem like they could lead to a UTI. Bless.

26.  At the risk of seeming flighty my clean laundry has four stages.

27.  Clean but not yet folded.

28.  Not folded but hanging clothes put away.

29.  Wrinkled enough that I start to wonder if they’ll look clean when I finally put them away.

30.  Time to rewash half the load because Mia has burrowed into the basket so often her hair is freaking everywhere.

31.  I’m at the rewash stage here.

32.  Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is it necessary? Also yes.

33.  I’m slowly chipping away at a tech problem called WTF do you mean we’ve used up all our cloud storage, we have a stupid amount of storage, it’s impossible.


35.  It’s a fun process.

36.  Unfortunately I keep getting sidetracked by, y’know, life.

37.  There was the crazy Seven Blitz Attack followed by hours of Gracie triage.

38.  Then a car thing. And a food thing.

39.  Plus what felt like a million little gnat-like distractions that kept pinging off my brain. It’s been a week.

40.  But here we are, on an actual Friday, hoping like hell I’ll finally figure out how to crack the Cloud problem. Wish me luck.