1.  Woo boy, it’s been a wild five days.

2.  You ever have that? The need to say it’s been a rough week when it’s freaking Monday?!

3.  That’s how you end up with it’s been a rough week and some really weird looks. Because, y’know, MONDAY.

4.  It’s been a while since I pulled an all nighter.

5.  And by a while I mean I cannot freaking remember the last time I was up all night.

6.  And, similar to what I recall, it was challenging followed by a hideous aftermath. Boo on sleep deprivation.

7.  I’ve lost my cooking mojo again which is a problem in general but a real bummer for my peeps.

8.  It has an avalanche effect. Losing my cooking mojo leads to a lack of meal planning which results in a big fat zero for grocery shopping.

9.  Double boo.

10.  I’m getting my second covid booster this afternoon. I’ve had some rocky reactions to my other vaccinations so fingers crossed this one is ideally mild or at least short lived.