It’s June 24, 2022: the morning the Supreme Court announced it overturned Roe v. Wade in the United States.

It’s also my anniversary so, y’know, happy anniversary to us.

Anyway, my brain’s a bit jumbly so I’ll just put this out there with the disclaimer that I don’t have a legal background so I’m still researching and slogging my way through the 213 page decision released today.

Jesus be a xanax™ because we are struggling.

I’ve been wracking my brain and cannot think of a single healthcare decision that’s government mandated for men. Not one.

Cardiac care, skin issues, lung problems? Their choice. Joint replacement, cancer treatment, liver issues, gastric complications, infertility, and on and on and on: all decisions made by a man along with his chosen healthcare provider.

And reproductive healthcare choices? Between a man and his doctor. NOT MY BUSINESS. As it should be. That reign may be slightly less free for convicted sex offenders but I’d argue the criminality of the situation makes that complex.

Then again it seems as though many states are criminalizing abortion healthcare so perhaps required castration isn’t as far off the mark as one would think.

Women’s healthcare has its challenges but REPRODUCTIVE healthcare? Sweet Jesus, it’s a minefield.

I’ll focus in, though.

Let’s pretend I’m not 51 and short of a miracle beyond the jolt of an unexpected pregnancy. Suspension of disbelief and all that jazz.

On the most basic level I no longer have autonomous control over what happens to my body.

Without regard for my medical history, my religious beliefs, my personal situation, my willingness to accept the very real risks that come with a carry-to-term pregnancy, my financial situation, whether I want to be a mother, my family dynamics, the cause of my pregnancy, or any previous pregnancies and health issues they may have caused — without regard for ANY OF THAT a governmental institution can usurp my personal choice and demand I carry a fetus to term.

And if that paragraph doesn’t anger you then our conversation needs to be about why you don’t trust women to make decisions in their own best interest.