Do you ever feel more excited about getting the package in the mail, rather than the item that’s in it?

I think deep down inside we all have that little-kid-on-Christmas-morning feeling about getting mail. I know I do.

What is the difference between your ideal self and your real self? (i.e. what attribute or physical feature would allow you feel the ideal ‘you’?)

I’ve been so unmoored recently I can’t even begin to answer this question. Next.

If you found $2,000 on the ground and there were no witnesses, what would you do with it?

Give twenty people a hundred bucks to spend on themselves.

Are you ever morally obliged to take action? Under what circumstances?

We’re morally obligated to step in if someone is getting hurt. I’d say that’s a hardcore imperative when it’s a child being harmed.

Please feel free to share how last week went for you. Bright or not so bright spots?

I’ll say the brightest spot for me was when a good friend brought some delicious gluten free pastries by the house.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.