Wow, that’s an extraordinarily boring title. Pretty much breaks all the blogging rules for titling posts, except maybe the alliteration one because who doesn’t love a little alliteration, am I right?

Seriously, though, if you clicked on that title then God bless you, you’ve earned some extra sainthood points today.

Anyway, in no particular order, I’ve got some thoughts.

If you’re waiting in a communal area — oh, I dunno, let’s say someplace where they work on cars — it is common courtesy to mute your phone alerts. Seriously. One or two DINGs won’t cause a riot but sometime after the fifth DING we get collectively edgy. It’s a social contract, man, do your part.

In the same vein it’s considered cruel and unusual punishment to load up the latest episode of paw patrol, set the volume to a gazillion, and hand your phone to your little one. I’m not saying don’t plug them in, do what you gotta do, but headphones will save us all the guilt of wishing death on your precious patootie just to make the “PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!” end.

Also, we’re all on the lifeboat here. Know how to work the coffee machine? Share your knowledge. Don’t need the charging block by your chair? Move to another if somebody’s gotta plug in. Know the lady behind you stepped into the restroom right before someone called her name? For the love, just speak up, it’ll save everyone some time in the end. Again, SOCIAL CONTRACT.

Just saying.