I cannot publish only one blog post in October. I mean I COULD but my brain would implode from the frustration of it so that seems unwise. Which lands you smack in the middle of a blog post with sketchy intentions.

I could write about Halloween, or my lack of interest in it save for the inevitable processed sugar supply we’ll lay in for trick or treaters who may or may not materialize.

I could write about the ever evolving project we call Gracie except that could be summed up with this goofy grin.

Then there’s the whole field mouse escapade and my belief that my neighbors are surely convinced I’m a nut job. Unless helping a field mouse die with dignity is more mainstream than I thought then never mind I’m sure it’s fine.

It’s just a lot right now. Except A LOT is billboard sized and flashing in bright red neon.

Maybe I should stick to bananas. I keep buying the stupid bananas because I swear three out of four of us like them except they keep turning black on our counter but I can’t motivate enough to make banana bread so I end up throwing them out and repeat the whole process again the following week.

A nonexistent-banana-bread post. That’ll bring out the crowds. Whoop whoop.

I think I’ll settle on this. It’s October 20th. I’m still breathing. Let’s call it a win.