Here are the Americans, post yet another year marking what’s technically a celebration of killing off indigenous people so we could steal their land. After which we nap our way into Black Friday and cyber Monday. Phew. It’s a whole thing, y’all.

But I did have this great conversation with my brother about writing and how to get your mojo back, so to speak.

This could be both a good and bad thing. I’ll be posting more again — yay for me! But I’ll be setting a defined writing block each day and there’s no way of predicting how creative I’ll feel or my editing skills in said block so there’s no predicting the quality of said posts so — sorta yay for me but questionable for you. I vote this falls under the at the moment any damn writing is good writing clause so that’s good. Unless you’re reading my grocery list and then no bueno.

I guess we’ll see.

I do know someone who ate a deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving and said it was delicious. We’ll file that knowledge away for next year.

Just kidding…I’m not even gonna entertain the idea. We all know I’d end up with troublesome burns if I tried deep frying a turkey, people.

I purchased not a single dang thing. It’s been a while since I managed to skip Black Friday entirely — online, of course. I do not have the constitution for in-store Black Friday shopping. Sometime I’ll write about the Black Friday experience that forever stoked a fire of anxiety so deep it burns within anytime I even consider dipping a toe into those waters.

Yes, I know I mixed metaphors there. It’s early and I just finished my coffee so we’re gonna go with it. Happy (cyber) Monday.