In the spirit of the season — which, now that I think of it, should probably be more of a year round(ish) thing — I thought I’d run some gratitude posts by you. I vote we start with cats.

Things I’m grateful for when it comes to living with these cats:

1.  They don’t need to go outside to pee. Brutal summer heat, freezing winter temps, torrential rain, bright blue skies, any or all are fine, it just doesn’t matter. Kitties have a nice little box indoors where they handle their own business.

2.  Kitties also know how to take themselves to the bathroom. Unlike our dog who’s taken to staring silently at the deck door until someone figures out she means TAKE ME OUTSIDE BEFORE MY BLADDER EXPLODES the cats just wander off and do their thing.

3.  One last thing and I swear I’ll back off potty time. Seven sings while going to the bathroom. Did you get that? He sings. While pooping. It’s a riot.

4.  Kitties become your own personal heat lamp when they snuggle up on your lap.

5.  Tree time is by far the cats’ favorite time of the year. These kitties adore everything from snoozing under its branches to enthusiastically throwing themselves up the trunk. It’s their home gym and nap space all in one.

6.  Kitty toe beans are soft as silk.

7.  Seven wants someone to sit with him for meals. Like actually pour the food and take a seat beside him on the floor while he eats. We have this little system where he’ll eat some out of the bowl then step back, sit, and look at me like now it’s your turn. Except by “your turn” he means your turn to feed me my kibble by the handful.

8.  Seven’s also taken to parking himself under Gracie’s food dish while she eats. It reminds me of some sort of symbiotic relationship — Big Girl Gracie is unconcerned while Mr. Man Seven hunkers down hoping a smidgeon of chicken might pop free from the dish.

Kitty love. It’s the best.