If day one is cat gratitude then dogs must come on day two. Because of course they should.

Things I’m grateful for when it comes to living with these dogs:

1.  No man left behind. If by man you mean human and by left behind you mean left alone to feel sad or lonely or afraid.

2.  That moment when Phoebe leans against my leg to give me a hug.

3.  The way Gracie walks over and shoves her head between my thighs to ask for loves. It’s aggressively adorable while also difficult to explain when she does it to visitors.

4.  A steam cleaner because sweet Jesus on a berber that basement carpet bears the brunt of a thousand muddy paws.

5.  Gracie’s boundless patience with Seven’s shenanigans because there are times I’ve been 100% certain she’d chomp his sneak attack rear end right into an emergency vet visit. Bless.

6.  The way Phoebe so sweetly waits for everyone in the room to agree it’s okay for her to get on the couch.

7.  The fact that neither of these enormous dogs messes with our Christmas tree. Honestly, either one could take it down if they chose to YET THEY DON’T. If that’s not a Christmas miracle then I don’t know what is.

8.  The way they’ve taken to lying close to one another and checking in to see if everyone’s doing okay.

Fur baby love. 💛💛💛