I know it’s Christmas time for those of us who celebrate. There are other special holidays celebrated this month too – please share yours in the comments, I’d love to know. Plus I’m admittedly focused on fluff so I can get my dang writing mojo back.

But since dumbassery abounds even in this holiday season let us pause to acknowledge it.

Marching masked and armed through the streets like the Gestapo to disrupt a children’s reading event doesn’t make you look like the champions of virtue you think it does.

Lauding the contributions of Hitler or hating on Jewish people doesn’t make you open minded or “counter-woke culture.”

Hard to believe it has to be said but if you participated in a mass protest to keep your high school white then continued to work to have a white high school for all four years then went on to a white collegiate education and ended up working in the sports field while refusing to hire Black coaches…I’m hard pressed to find a better example of if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

I do not want to hear a single person saying but Laura, it’s the holidays, let’s not cause trouble. This is the Good Trouble of which John Lewis spoke.