So we did a thing.

You know how you know something’s a good idea and you keep circling back around to it because, well, because it’s a Good Idea but somehow actually getting it done keeps slipping off track because you’re handling more pressing issues and then the freaking barn catches fire so you’re preoccupied with rallying neighbors to relay water buckets from the river —

Whoa. Okay, slid sideways into a Little House On The Prairie episode there, sorry ’bout that.

After a couple of years thinking gee we oughta and a couple of months thinking schedule the damn thing already we finally — FINALLY — put a motion sensor light by the garage. You know, the thing that was considered breaking technology in the 1940s.

The dissonance hurts my brain.

At least now people can see their way from their car into the house. We’ll call it a win.