I’ve had a streak of wake at 3am, ridiculous brain spinning until 6am, grab another hour of sleep nights. Something’s gotta give.

I believe I’ve mentioned before I need a solid eight hours of sleep to function well. Nine if we’re looking for exemplary brainpower.

These three-hours-of-spinning nights are clocking a paltry five hours of sleep. Granted, that’s five hours apiece but still. By night four I’m running at a real deficit and weird stuff starts to happen.

Like entirely forgetting to make muffins. Or pick up a prescription. Or wrap the freaking presents for that family gathering over the weekend. FOR THE LOVE.

I’ve ticked off two of my more stressful December happenings now so I’m wondering – pretty please with a cherry on top – if I might possibly get my sleep back. I’d say it’s in everyone’s best interest to release my brain from its nightly torture session. Just saying.