I’ve never been the “wake up at 5am and stare at the beauty of a Christmas tree waiting for our sweet cherubs to hurry in excited about the joy of Christmas morning” type. Surprising no one, I’m sure, I’ve been the “get pulled out of bed and shake myself into proper Christmas Day mode as I patiently(ish) explain how coffee is central to my enjoying the present opening experience” mom.

My own parents required the same caffeine consideration and nobody died waiting a few extra minutes before seeing what Santa brought so, y’know, same.

Right now I’m wishing hard I was that Christmas Morning Awe kind of mom because that would be so SO much better.

Did I mention last week the universe decided a root canal would make an awesome Christmas gift? Two days before Christmas Eve? Right after a doctor slapped a brace on me for carpal tunnel? For the love of all things holy, universe, you are trying me to my very soul but we do the hard things and then we move on.

Except sometimes the hard things don’t come out the other side. Sometimes the hard things keep being hard and we have to keep putting on our big girl panties for days and for heaven’s sake I would just like my mouth to stop hurting, not even all the way, my story arch leans toward complicated but if we could just ease up on the freaking pain I would appreciate it PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

That is all.

Except if you celebrate the Christmas holiday I hope you and yours are enjoying a time filled with love and peace. And if you celebrate other holidays I hope your December has also been overwhelmingly joyful and peaceful. Also, if you celebrate no holidays at all I’m sure you’re sick of folks saying Merry Christmas everywhere you go so congratulations, we’re almost to the Happy New Year portion of December. You made it.