Or is it everything new is old again? I’m flummoxed so let us turn to our trusty Google…

Huh. Turns out both phrases are sayings so I guess we’ll start fresh.

I’m on Day Two of — trumpets please — returning to the gym. Seriously, that one deserves trumpets.

I’ve agreed to be gym buddies with my daughter which apparently has motivated me in ways multiple health professionals saying you would greatly benefit from a regular exercise regimen has not. This tracks seeing as I’ve always put the people I love first.

Well, that and the fact I prefer sleeping in. And by “prefer” I mean I’m irrationally angry when it’s still dark out and my synapses aren’t truly firing until around nine. So there’s that.

BrightSide and the daughter usually go to the gym at SIX IN THE MORNING HOURS. I cannot even with that sentence. I mean, really? 6am is the hour you choose for leaving home and getting on a treadmill? Except the whole school/job outside the home thing kind of ties their hands when it comes to free time for working out.

Still, I think we can all agree 6am is a time best left to foraging squirrels and people shouting Time To Make The Donuts!™

1984 was a cutting edge era for marketing agencies.

As the youngster did not have classes yesterday she and I worked out around ten-ish but I still demand props for getting to the gym — with a teenager, no less — on a holiday. Then we had our 6am outing today. Three days left to go and we’ll have knocked it out of the park this week.