1.  Yep, that’s right, 40 Things #102 rolled out back in September. What of it?

2.  Until someone shows me a hard and fast rule on how quickly a series spoils I’m going with we’ve been on a nice hiatus and welcome back.

3.  To those of you who joined the blog since October 2022: just consider this a belated new year’s gift.

4.  Since there are more than a hundred 40 Things posts I’d say it’s a stellar way to pass the afternoon.

5.  If you like this sort of thing, that is.

6.  If you don’t then I guess it’s pretty lame as far as presents go.

7.  That’s a wide range right there. Not many things can span the breadth of stellar to lame.

8.  Except maybe racehorses.

9.  Or excuses.

10.  Look at us, breaking limits right and left.

11.  Seeing as it’s February — as it often is this time of year — it seems like an excellent moment to settle some things for 2023.

12.  Not in a New Years Resolution sort of way.

13.  More like a Stuff I’m Giving Up sort of way.

14.  Though I suppose I’m resolving to give up these things so…whatever. You get the gist.

15.  Hold on as I pull out an impressive font for my super fancy title:


16.  Eating things I despise.

17.  Life is too short and there are plenty of workarounds.

18.  Chilly toes.

19.  Say it with me, guys. SOCKS. Good ones. Got a whole drawer dedicated to ’em.

20.  Exhaustion.

21.  Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

22.  Three hour cooking extravaganzas dirtying up a dozen pots, pans, and bowls only to watch my kiddos prance out the door to meet friends.

23.  I mean, there’s still the prancing out part, but at least I’ll swear off the ninety minute prep and cook part.

24.  Bullshit.

25.  While there will undoubtedly still be bullshit in 2023 I will not volunteer to host it.

26.  Raging at dumb drivers.

27.  Okay, this is is more an aspirational goal than a swearing off thing because I know myself well. We shall do what we can.

28.  Keeping 600 pet photos on my phone because I’m too lazy to go through and delete 590.

29.  Time to put “delete a gazillion photos” on my weekly calendar.

30.  I’m sure I have plenty more I’m swearing off but they escape me at the moment.

31.  Maybe we’ll add a monthly “hell no” post.

32.  Just kidding, I can barely keep on track with my writing as it is. Aiming to start a whole new series doesn’t seem like a solid life plan at the moment.

33.  Which naturally bears the question, “So what IS your life plan these days, Laura?”

34.  No ma’am, you’re not tricking me with that one.

35.  I’ll just sit here with my taco soup and be grateful for the Fritos, thank you very much.

36.  I know taco soup doesn’t sound healthy but I made it myself.

37.  I’m forcing the family to endure ground turkey in everything because beef is bad for me and I’m the cook.

38.  I even slid some black olives in there despite the fact that I’m the only person in this family who likes them but again…I’m the cook.

39.  If they don’t like it they’re welcome to take a shift next week. Just saying.

40.  And goodness sakes, that makes forty. Bless it all and pass the pudding. Happy Friday everyone — have a wonderful weekend!