1.  Okay, so I had a bit of a glitch during the 40 Things reentry.

2.  Confidence is critical but I hate when I roll in with I’M BACK BABY then don’t show up again for a month.

3.  I mean I showed up, so to speak, it’s just that 40 Things wasn’t tagging along.

4.  Sigh.

5.  So here we are with the second round of relaunching 40 Things in 2023.

6.  Fingers crossed this will be the one that sticks.

7.  Let’s do a little twitter rundown to get ourselves warmed up.









16.  I did indeed need to see a dog romping in a pool.

17.  Also the adorable squirrel, please and thank you.

18.  Don’t come at me with squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails because we will not have it on the blog today.

19.  I said we will not have it! Good day, sir!

20.  Now who says twitter’s a cesspool?

21.  Well, me. Sometimes I say twitter’s a cesspool.

22.  These would be some of the decidedly non cesspool-ish items, though, so feel free to pass them around.

23.  Not to wade belatedly too far into the controversy but the bird app has indeed declined since musty musk grabbed the reins.

24.  Unsolicited opinion: The hubris of white men knows no bounds.

25.  Unless dismantling the app and making it useless for its previous purposes was musk’s intent then I suppose kudos are in order for the $196 billion personal wealth crowd.

26.  My English major heart demands I note that yes, I know I’m missing capital letters in there but I’d like to avoid any cranky search algorithms.

27.  ‘Nuff said.

28.  It’s Friday, it’s Friday, who’s got weekend plans?

29.  Y’all I am a serious homebody. As in I could medal in the event.

30.  Yet here I am with things going on both Friday and Saturday night.

31.  It’s a super weird convergence of events. Maybe we should all grab a lottery ticket.

32.  Just kidding, I don’t play the lottery, but you guys should feel free.

33.  It’s not like I have a strong moral objection. BrightSide occasionally buys a ticket and I’m like whatever floats your boat, man, good times to be had by all.

34.  I think I don’t play because I have such extraordinarily bad luck. For me it feels like flushing dollar bills down the toilet.

35.  I don’t mean bad luck in the big stuff. I’ve been lucky in love and lots of larger life things. But the little things? Good grief, I’m a walking tornado here.

36.  Breaking my pencil a minute before that zoom meeting starts.

37.  Sloshing coffee across the end table.

38.  Busting my toe on the table as I fall out of my chair and fling myself over a dog while fending off a Seven attack.

39.  Picking the lane that comes to a full stop when a traffic incident’s up ahead.

40.  You get the point. Winning Powerball just isn’t in the cards for me, but on you go and may the odds be ever in your favor.