1.  It’s March in the Carolinas, baby.


3.  Basketball tournament time makes for big feelings.

4.  People ’round these parts get particularly heated right about now.

5.  They’re showing games all over the country, though, so I guess basketball fever is peaking everywhere.

6.  Whatever, man, I’m just trying to survive out here.

7.  Did I mention we changed tv services?

8.  Cable has been a struggle for a while. Make that years. Y-e-a-r-s.

9.  I had no idea part of adulting would consist of hours upon hours cussing cable outages or four hour repair windows or interminable customer service call hold times.

10.  I’d do the math to figure out how many months of my life have gone down that drain but I think it’d be pretty depressing so let’s move on.

11.  When we moved to this house we thought we’d found the solution. We dropped everything except internet access plus basic channels and made up the difference in streaming services.

12.  Was it perfect? No, but we didn’t feel like we were selling our soul to Spectrum anymore.

13.  Fast forward three(ish) years and we’ve been introduced to this newfangled thing called YouTube TV. [oooooohhh]

14.  Basically we built an enormous cable corporation bonfire in the yard and let it all burn.

15.  Metaphorically speaking, of course. We still need high speed internet.

16.  But hey, you know what comes with YouTube TV? Basketball. Allllllllll the basketball. All season long.

17.  We’ve watched more than our fair share over lo these past few months but this right here is where the rubber meets the road. It’s tournament time, baby.

18.  The games take place over ten days.

19.  That’s not to say there are ten games. There are a gazillion games. Truly.

20.  If you’re breathing then you can probably find a college basketball game on tv right now.

21.  Or at least we can because of the glory that is YouTube TV.

22.  Side note: No, I’m not being paid here though I wouldn’t turn it down were they to offer. You hear that @YouTubeTV? I’m out here with my blogging pom poms if you wanna talk.

23.  But I digress.

24.  Are you wondering why my post wasn’t up overnight? Probably not but I’ll tell you anyway.

25.  It’s because I’m a mom.

26.  Not in the it’s Thursday, cue disaster, I’ve got to take care of my kiddos way.

27.  It was more like the omg, we lost to Furman?? What happened to Virginia?!…dear God, Kihei, WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?????? sort of way.

28.  I was writing along and opening other tabs to make sure my big dumb non-basketball brain wasn’t writing something bizarre when I caught the Furman-Virginia score from our round one game. 68-67.

29.  For someone who says they’re not into basketball I know this sure does look like I’m into basketball and I don’t know what that’s about, I just roll with it.

30.  If you’re actually into basketball and are interested in watching a game recap you can see it here. Though it’s pretty tragic so I don’t recommend starting your Friday that way.

31.  Unless you’re a Furman fan or an anti-UVA fan in which case I have to say it’s kinda inspirational so there’s your gift for the weekend.

32.  Anyway, I caught the recap and when I say my WHOLE MAMA HEART cried for Kihei…

33.  That poor baby. Yes, I know he’s a whole grown ass person who can drive and drink and go to war for his country but in that moment he was somebody’s baby standing on a court playing his very favorite game when he made a huge error that changed everything.

34.  It was heart wrenching.

35.  My next thought was great scott, stay off social media.

36.  I found after we lost the ACC championship game that generally speaking people are trash and write terrible things on Instagram and Twitter about teams sucking and players sucking and basically all around suckage when you lose a basketball game.

37.  My mama heart didn’t want him seeing any of that either.

38.  So my big old bleeding heart distracted me and then there were chores and cooking then a school assembly plus a late dinner and that was all she wrote, so to speak, for Thursday.

39.  Which means here we are, wrapping this up on Friday morning. I’m somewhat astounded this entire post ended up being about the sport I profess to feel meh about but what can you do.

40.  Apologies if you’re not a basketball person. I didn’t think I was one either, though, so maybe deep down in your heart of hearts you also feel an unreasonable fondness for someone else’s child dribbling a ball. Go with your gut.