Y’all, I read this over a week ago and it’s still floating around in the old noggin. I can’t seem to get a consolidated version to post here so you’ve got to click on “read the full conversation on twitter” and scroll. Sorry for the extra labor but it’s worth it so as the Nike folks like to say just do it. Go on, I’ll wait.

My brain is still trying to sort through the concepts. I may be struggling because I came up in a time when everything was work ethic driven. We weren’t exactly encouraged to think critically about our endgame, y’know? It was all work as hard as humanly possible to be the absolute best in your field. Put in 120%, earn your place, it’ll pay off when you’re older.

Except sometimes working 80 hours a week doesn’t get you to the top. Or maybe it does but then the top has a stressed out workload of a different sort.

Any thoughts? I’ve been stewing on this for days and days.