1.  Okay, folks, not sure how I’ll top Jasper this week but let’s give it a go.

2.  We’ve been finding our way around Apple TV lately.

3.  Yes, I know, I’m behind the times. What else is new.

4.  We dove right into Ted Lasso and man oh man, it’s a whole good time.

5.  Quite the surprise.

6.  People told me it was a good show but I had my doubts.

7.  Nothing screams “a tv show Laura will find hysterical” like “an American football coach is hired to manage a British soccer team,” she said with a smirk.

8.  Let the hijinks ensue.

9.  Except this show actually has hijinks aplenty. Two thumbs up, highly recommend. If you don’t subscribe to Apple TV you can check out a free episode here.

10.  I also started watching The Morning Show.

11.  This was the series that first piqued my Apple TV interest back in 2019.

12.  Winter 2019/2020 brought Apple curiosity but we didn’t jump on board until this month.

13.  The draw was finally strong enough to prompt a streaming service reboot. It has to do with that change to YouTube TV but I won’t bore you with the details.

14.  Anyway, I’m a huge Reese Witherspoon fan. I love her acting and her production company, Hello Sunshine, is putting out some incredible stuff.

15.  Two tv shows you should check out if you can are Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu and Daisy Jones & The Six on Amazon Prime Video.

16.  They’re also responsible for Big Little Lies on HBO. I haven’t seen it but they won a bunch of Emmy awards so that’s also worth a look.

17.  Shoot, just google Witherspoon and her company for some great entertainment ideas.

18.  Back to my original point. If I can remember it. Ah, yes, The Morning Show.

19.  When they ran the promos I remember thinking huh, sounds like a smart piece showcasing two strong female actors, that looks interesting.

20.  It delivers in a big way so I guess that’s another series you should start.

21.  Love you, mean it, you’re welcome.

22.  I’m also excited about The Problem With Jon Stewart.

23.  I’d been randomly catching clips of this show then someone posted a full episode on twitter that completely won me over.

24.  I already loved Jon Stewart and his razor sharp wit. This just sealed the deal.

25.  In this series he interviews people in power about pressing issues we’re facing.

26.  My god, I’ve just turned every single one of you off this show. That blurb is drier than ham baked into a sad lump of uncarveable (uncarvable? uncarve-able? spellcheck doesn’t like any of them, dammit) clay.

27.  Not that I’d know about the ham thing, no sir, I’ve just heard tell.

28.  Anyhoo, let’s try again.

29.  Jon Stewart is riotously funny and wields edgy humor with pinpoint precision while discussing actual solutions.

30.  There. Is that any better?

31.  I dunno, in the end I might just have to say trust me and check out an episode here.

32.  It’s funny, I promise, but also thought provoking in the best way.

33.  Stewart’s people will probably contact me begging please for-the-love-of-all-things-holy stop trying to promote his show lest I drag it all the way underground and into the earth’s core with these horrific descriptors.

34.  And now you must think I do nothing but watch tv all day long.

35.  Someday I’ll do a post on all the books I have scattered throughout my house with bookmarks holding my spot.

36.  I vaguely remember a day when the thought of starting another book before finishing my current one was inconceivable.

37.  Apparently I’ve shed that particular limitation.

38.  Not sure if it’s for the better but it’s what’s happening so we’ll run with it.

39.  No weekend plans except to celebrate that my gym alarm will not be going off at 5:15am. Let’s all give a WHOOP WHOOP for that one.

40.  Happy Friday. May your weekend be filled with laughs and not-dry ham. Metaphorically speaking.