Whew, y’all, I can’t even. It’s been two weeks of somethin’ somethin’.

We took a quick family trip to Charleston, South Carolina for a couple of days. It was…well, it was a lot. A lot southern. A lot of bridal parties doing super girly bridal things followed by super drunken girly outings. I will say I saw the nicest dang pier ever — Folly Beach really put their time and money into their beach structure.

Turns out those horse drawn carriages still make me sad. You can tell me all you want that horses are worker animals and they’re happier with a job, seeing them pull carriages of people through the city streets still tugs at my heart.

We also spent time at the City Market, a string of buildings blocks long filled with booth after booth of crafts and food and who knows what else. For someone who struggles with crowds and sensory issues it was overwhelming to say the least.

I slept well one night out of three in Charleston. Don’t ask me to explain, I’ve long since given up on understanding my nocturnal behavior. It did mean I was tuckered out when we got back home, a feeling that was promptly amplified into the stratosphere when Gracie pooped everywhere while I finally slept. Well, I thought she pooped everywhere. Four nights later Phoebe’s overnight gastric distress showed me how wrong that description was. I’m still elbow deep in carpet cleaning.

So I guess that means we can boil down April to conferences, Charleston, mimosas, mood swings, sleep deprivation, and pooptastic extraordinaire. Good times.