I know I disappeared again. May is quite honestly always a train wreck but 2023 took that as a dare and exploded.

Gracie and Phoebe got sick this month. It’s hard to look back on it and sort out the timeline. Gracie got sick first, but then Phoebe went downhill, then Gracie moved back to the spotlight, until Phoebe took over top billing at the vet’s office.

It’s been a lot, so much I can barely get through writing this. Gracie’s tumor removal was scheduled for yesterday but Phoebe got sicker last weekend. She ended up having emergency surgery on Tuesday morning; Phoebe must have been worse off than we knew because she died on Wednesday afternoon.

Gracie did very well in surgery and is recovering nicely at home. My heart is broken over my Phoebe but I’m beyond grateful that our Gracie girl is still with us. Hug your fur babies a bit tighter today. We rarely deserve the unconditional love they show us but there they are, loving us anyway.