Riddle from the Middle

real life with a side of snark

RFTM Greatest Hits

The things people say…

She called you WHAT?!

when tomboys raise girly girls

mom vs. writer

Easter basket saga

Defend The Homestead!

that awkward moment

WHAT did I just say?!

“And we said no.” – Why we need to start saying yes.

What does THAT mean?!?!

I am who I’m supposed to be.

Have you SEEN the Juniors department lately?!

the murky waters of open adoption

murky waters, part 2

Forever Family: murky waters, final installment

So you don’t think marching bands are bad ass…

Well, I can’t say they didn’t warn me.

5th grade, DARE graduation, and a Chris Brown serenade

twice is crazy town

Forever Family: for the love of a foster parent

grannies, hipsters, bikinis, and a g-string

Survivor: Never Say Die Nuptials

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