Monday morning rundown (and my 7 stages of WTF just happened?)

1.  Friday brought an early morning walk-in clinic visit with Bear. My own sick kid? Check. One sick kid hacking up a lung? Check check. A miserable looking sick kid waiting for a flu test? Holy Crap, don’t breathe.

2.  I was inspired to make the trip into town productive, so we headed to my favorite car wash. I inched down the street wondering if I’d lost my mind – I could have SWORN it was right here, the entrance is right after McDonald’s, this is supposed to be the driveway [turns in] but why does it say AutoBell, why is there a construction crew and why is that girl in the red shirt waving me off…Not my finest moment.

3.  Spent the afternoon convincing myself I hadn’t caught whatever knocked Bear off her feet on Thursday night.

4.  Accepted the inevitable at 5:00pm. Crashed and burned. Mightily.

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Monday morning rundown (the importance of knowing who to keep on speed dial)

1.  I won’t lie, last week was a train wreck. A. Train. Wreck. By the time we got to Friday night I was seriously contemplating a change, like maybe moving to a deserted island. We had all the big feelings going on. I settled for Panera takeout instead of putting the house on the market, but it ran neck and neck for a while there.

2.  I talked with Bee for almost two hours on Saturday morning. I said it before and I’ll say it again – there is nothing like the gift of a sister, bio or chosen, who will go into battle with you at the drop of a hat.

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Monday morning rundown (tech parents: we’re thinking about getting t-shirts)

Another weekend gone. Another two days of unscheduled scheduling – because we have kids and is there ever really unscheduled time anymore? – in the wind. Another 48 hours of Real Life, and the untapped blog potential hit me like a ton of bricks.

Because let’s be honest…aren’t you a wee bit curious about my nutty over the weekend?

1.  [trumpets sound]  We are not the only mean parents in the school. I met a woman last night who a) didn’t give her kid a phone until he was in ninth grade, b) does not allow him to have any social media accounts At All, and c) inspects his phone at the drop of a hat. My kids’ argument of “but none of the other parents (fill in the blank with whatever horrific parenting scars them in that moment)…” just crashed and burned. Plus we’re thinking about getting t-shirts. Solidarity, people.

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