SoCS – rain, rain, it’s okay

"Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night.
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning 
when it lights up the sky.
You know it makes me feel good."

- Eddie Rabbitt

And I do.  I love the sound of rain on the windows, rain on the porch, rain bouncing off the roof as I stare at the water pouring down outside.

As I’ve gotten older I realize that I don’t even mind rain on vacation.  When I was younger it was cause for despair, enough to ruin an entire week if it didn’t let up.  But now?  Now rain brings permission to slow down and kick back.  Napping all afternoon suddenly becomes completely acceptable.  Reading books in the room is a respectable pastime.

The dogs often have a different perspective, depending on rain velocity (is that even a term?).

This one doesn’t mind the rain unless we’re talking torrential downpour.  Then I suppose whether Gracie goes outside has more to do with how urgently she needs to pee than with the wetness falling around her.

But this one?  Phoebe’s a bit prissy and is willing to cross her legs all darn day if it’s raining outside.  Because heaven forbid a dog get her paws damp in the backyard.  (Then again, I can’t say I’d really enjoy peeing while it rained on me, so I guess I don’t have room to talk.)

We’ve been at the beach during a pretty iffy forecast, and I’ve found the kids handle this much better now that they’re older.  Not that they want the rain, but they don’t get squirrelly and end up bouncing off the walls.  It’s a big improvement on the days when I’d take them to a hallway so they could sprint back and forth to their hearts’ content.

Well, it is for me, anyway.


Linda’s Stream of Consciousness post kicks off Saturdays with a bit of this and that.  This week’s prompt is rain/rein/reign.

odds and ends 6/15/17

1.  BrightSide and I watched a fascinating 60 Minutes segment on Sunday about technology.  I expected it to be another look at what tech does to the brain, but instead it discussed how companies are using what they’ve learned about the brain to tweak their coding.  For instance:

  • why Twitter and Instagram use a scroll feed
  • the chemical effect “likes” have on our brains
  • the possibility that a random experiment may have linked our accounts to an algorithm for feedback timing

2.  I’m not sure whether to be impressed or terrified.

3.  I did, however, manage not to tweet about it.

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Share Your World 6/5/17

What’s your strongest sense?

Smell.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  Beautiful or comforting smells are a thousand times more wonderful, but abrasive or horrific smells are close to painful.

Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best? (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey)

These days?  Sneezy.  I’d probably have to change it to Sneezy/Stuffy/Sniffly to be most accurate.

If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would that be?

Oh my, this one is hard.  I have the feeling it shouldn’t be, that lots of people might say “___ was awesome, I’d love to live my life out at that age” but I can’t claim that.  I feel like I’m really coming into myself now, but who’s to say I’m not some sort of late bloomer who’ll love my 50s?  I respectfully plead the fifth.

List of Jobs You Think You Might Enjoy: Even if you aren’t thinking about a career change, it can be fun to think of other jobs you might enjoy.

  • Author.
  • Part time photographer.
  • Dog snuggler.
  • Dog sitter for lazy dogs who need napping buddies.
  • Publisher

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

The chance to visit with neighbors I haven’t seen in a while, family time at the lake with enough memories to last a lifetime, and celebrating T-man’s confirmation at church.  It was a pretty wonderful weekend all around.

This week is the last one of school.  I’m looking forward to the kids finishing their end of year testing so they can roll into summer stress free, and I suspect they will join me in a happy dance come Friday afternoon.

Cee’s weekly Share Your World is her Monday fun post.

What’s happening in your world today?

odds and ends 6/1/17

1.  The car rider pick up line in North Carolina is a special hell for environmentalists right now.  Idling for 30 minutes = bad for the environment.  Overheated, dizzy driver = bad for the cars.  What to do, what to do…

2.  Why can’t they get bird sounds onto white noise machines?  They make a lovely blend of sound coming from the trees, but coming from the speaker it’s like I’m back in the Tiki Room at Disney World. Continue reading

Share Your World 5/29/17

What is the most famous landmark or building you have ever seen?

I’ve been blessed to see some pretty incredible things – the Vatican, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the White House.  I can’t possibly choose one of these as most famous.

Do you like long vacation or lots of mini-vacations?

I prefer long vacations.  A significant block of time lets me really get away, and I’m less tempted to take work with me.  A long time away means I can really focus on unwinding.

What is your favorite National or State Park?

Rocky Mountain National Park.  Although, to be fair, this is the only one I’ve visited so far.

What is your fantasy vacation?

One with tons of relaxation – sleeping in, reading to my heart’s content, leisurely meals – this all adds up to happy Laura.  Add a couple of days for exploring something new and that’s pretty much my fantasy vacation.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week I enjoyed having the chance to relax with good friends, basked in blue skies, and watched the kids hanging out with friends.

This week I’ll be working to keep my wits about me as we finish the school year.  Hopefully I’ll be able to steal a few moments for myself along the way.

Cee’s weekly Share Your World is a Monday treat.

What’s happening in your world today?

Share Your World 5/22/17

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? 

This will have to wait, but I’d love to take a writer’s sabbatical.  Dedicate a block of time solely to writing and see where it takes me.  That would be amazing.

How often do you get a haircut?

I go every five weeks now, mostly for the color.  But when I go my hairdresser trims the split ends off so I guess that counts.

In regards to puzzle what’s your choice: jigsaw, crossword, word search or numeric puzzles?

So funny!  I’ve gone through stages when I’ve been obsessed with the first three, but I’ve never been drawn into numeric puzzles.  If I were to pick one I’d go with word search.  I try to explain to kids what a valuable skill this is – being able to scan blocks of print for letter combinations or patterns – but they don’t seem impressed.

How many cities have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

Childhood:  Philippines, Hawaii, Virginia (Fairfax), New Jersey, Virginia (Virginia Beach), Massachusetts (Cohasset).

College:  Virginia (Charlottesville), Massachusetts (Scituate).

Adult:  Virginia (Burnt Chimney), Missouri, North Carolina (Burlington), North Carolina (Graham).

An even dozen cities since birth.  Cool.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

We celebrated kids over the weekend.  Friday Bear picked her restaurant for a birthday dinner (holla, Texas Roadhouse) then opened her presents that evening.  Saturday we hosted the family dinner for her.  BrightSide made his dad’s turkey (um, YUM) and Aunt Bee rocked the cake again which is pretty impressive considering Bear asked for a tree.  I swear, sometimes I think they throw stuff at my sister just to pull a nutty.  Then on Sunday evening T-man had his confirmation class cookout to celebrate the end of their year’s work together.

This week looks much slower, so I’m looking forward to taking a breath.  I need to get my feet under me before we hit the end of the school year, but the calendar doesn’t look like I’ll be sprinting headlong toward the weekend.  I’m also looking forward to relaxing a bit over Memorial Day weekend.

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What’s going on in your world today?

Share Your World 5/15/17

How many languages do you you speak?

Only one fluently.  I remember bits and pieces of French from high school (s’il vous plaît, bonjour, au revoir, and je ne sais pas come to mind).  My college Italian stuck a little better (ciao, mi dispiaceper favore, and grazie roll off the tongue).  But to count either one I’d have to actually study it again.

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

I’m reading small great things by Jodi Piccoult and Front Burner: Al Qaeda’s Attack on the USS Cole by Kirk Lippold, USN (ret).  I’m watching season three of The Americans.  I’m usually listening to the Sirius POTUS channel in the car and the Jason Mraz station on Amazon at home.

And then there was eating.  Sigh.  In a desperate attempt to feel better (hello, Hail Mary pass) I’m looking into the blood type diet.  You’ve heard of this, right?  It’s the study of our biological breakdowns, specifically that our bodies are designed to process certain foods more easily than others.  Me?  My blood type is A (shocker, right?), so apparently I have lower levels of stomach acid and (insert enzyme and alkaline mumbo jumbo here) which means I have a harder time digesting animal protein and fat.  (What the what?!)

So this is what I’m trying to eat:  Chicken or turkey.  (Not that they’re beneficial, but my system can tolerate them.)  Seafood, except not any of the seafood I’ve been eating for years like clams, crab, lobster, scallops, or shrimp.  Carrots, romaine, and…I’m out.

Foods I am mourning:  Beef.  I don’t eat a lot of it, but I don’t like that I don’t have the option.  Basically all the seafood listed above.  Ice cream, because apparently dairy is the devil, and cashews.  All the beverages.  Beer, soda, liquor…it seems I’m welcome to drink green tea and alfalfa.  Shoot me now.  Peppers, olives, potatoes, tomatoes, and mushrooms – these are all the vegetables that allow me to claim I eat vegetables.  Really?!  Oh, and all the condiments.  Apparently Type As don’t get to eat condiments.  Sweet Jesus.

What was the last photo you took with your phone?

A pic of the “F” Bombs bath fizzers I got for Mother’s Day.  Bwahahaha!!!

What is your favorite time of day?

Early evening.  I like when the heat starts to ease off, and instead of the harsh noonday sun we have something a little softer.  Unfortunately this is also when the buggy bugs are most active, so I usually enjoy this time of day from indoors.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

That the kids and I enjoyed some (ahem) quality time together while BrightSide was on a business trip.

This week I’m looking forward to knocking some things off my long-overdue list.  I’m finally going for my eye exam and getting that weird knot on my knee checked out so good on me!

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What’s going on in your world today?