wcw – the beauty in acceptance

“It’s not a crime to offend others; in fact, it’s pretty much a natural consequence of having diverse cultures.  We live in a world full of people with different backgrounds, interests, and values, and we must learn to accept that there will be clashes.  As long as the differences do no harm, we should back off and accept them.”

– PZ Myers

gratitude: safe travels

I’ve been having great fun with the whole summer travel series this month.  I love travel.  Or, more accurately, I love visiting other places.  The travel itself is simply necessary to the process.


I used to be a better traveler – calmer, less nauseous – more chill all around.  Then?  Well, then things changed.

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summer travel: guides in the friendly skies

I’ve got a wonky sense of humor.  Even during the wooshy, man-I-hope-I-don’t-puke feeling during takeoff, turbulence, and landing I still manage to find a few giggle worthy moments during airline travel.  The flight attendant’s arrival speech, for one.

THUMP.  Thump thump thump thump, shuuuuuuder, whir.  Perky voice: “Let us be the first to welcome you to (insert correct city here).  Blah blah, blah-dy blah blah.  Please use caution when opening the overhead bins as articles may have shifted during flight.”

a)  Are there still people unaware that it’s possible a carry on might tumble onto their heads when they open that bin?  b)  Really, shouldn’t attendants be warning passengers about the risk of getting sued when their carry on tumbles onto someone else’s head from the overhead bin?  c)  Does this fall under the rule of Darwinism?

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odds and ends: San Francisco

We spent four and a half days in the beautiful town of San Francisco.  Trolley cars and street cars, the Golden Gate bridge, and yes, even Rice-a-Roni – wait for it – the San Francisco treat! 

Just kidding, we didn’t have Rice-a-Roni while we were there, but I’ve got a few observations from our time in the city…

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summer travel: not my crazy, not my circus

I believe in stepping up and helping out, even when it’s the last thing people expect.  I smile at little kids.  I help mamas who are juggling grocery carts.  I make sure my kiddos don’t stand slack jawed in the midst of a moving crowd. 

I figure it’s a cosmic way to balance the scales for all those years when folks stepped in to help me.  If I have the time/energy/free hands to help, then it’s just rude not to.

But then there are those other times.  Times to butt out.  Times when I know the smart play is to shut my mouth and keep my head down.

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summer travel: aka, how to drop a tax bracket in 3 months flat

So you’ve got some spare cash.  Sure, you could go to a concert, buy some books, or donate to a worthy cause.  You can even go wild and get rainbow hair to flash at the pool.

But if you’re traveling this summer you might want to save up the bucks.  You’ll be saying goodbye to them in the airport.

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