1/1/18:  So it looks like I’m not the best at keeping my pages updated.  Yep…all I can say is I’m a work in progress.

My friend passed along a recipe that is quite literally called “Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers,” and they are 100% true to their name.  I’ll pause here for a moment so my beef lovers can scoff skeptically…okay, now I challenge you to make these at least once to see if they’re at least a tasty alternative to your regular burger.

BrightSide says he likes the prepackaged turkey burgers from the store just fine, but I need a little more oomph in my food.  When I’m lazy I’ll knead some chopped onion and steak seasoning into the prepackaged turkey burgers, but trust me – these are worth the time.  Per my friend’s advice I use at least ½ cup onion, steak seasoning, and a whole egg instead of egg whites.  Also, use turkey that has some fat in it so the burgers bind together better.

Let me know if you try them along with any tweaks you might make in the recipe!


9/2/15:  Okay, I know this one might not qualify as a recipe, so to speak, but it is a food prep thing I’d wondered about.  Bacon.  Actual bacon.  We love having this treat sometimes, but I truly h-a-t-e standing over a skillet cooking bacon until it’s just right – crispy but not burned – and having to work in batches takes forever.  Then, like an angel from up above, I heard about Cooking Bacon in the Oven.  (Insert singing angels here.)  Erica wrote a thorough guest post for the Pioneer Woman about the different methods for this along with her evaluation of each.  It’s awfully scientific (in a recorded observation kind of way), but pretty much what I hear is: easy bacon with no spitting grease to burn my hand.  Score!  How to Cook Bacon in the Oven.


4/11/15:  We had Easter dinner with my dad and were responsible for bringing a few sides to go with the ham.  (HoneyBaked ham…mmmmm…..)  One of the dishes we took was the Pioneer Woman’s Slice-Baked Potatoes.  It’s a twist on twice-baked potatoes and boy, are they tasty!  My dad especially liked the serving size since regular potatoes are too large a portion for my mom.  I’m again calling shenanigans on the total time: bake time on the potatoes alone was more like 1 hr 15 min.  But if you have some time available and are looking for a good side dish for company or a family gathering, this one’s worth the effort.  Note: It makes a lot of potato slices, so if you’re cooking for just your family you might want to cut the recipe in half.  Also, I made them a day ahead & kept them in the fridge; they heated up really well.


4/1/15:  Here’s the Pioneer Woman recipe for Shells & Cheese (with Bacon & Peas).  It is delicious. Note: I’m calling shenanigans on the 5 min. prep time and 20 min. cook time.  Maybe you’ll manage that, but realistically it took me more like an hour to prepare.  Click here for my post with this dinner in it.

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