and the bowels of hell led to…

DANG, y’all.

I was all psyched about getting back to normal.  And then the migraine hit.  And the headache leading to full on sinus issues.  Add in miserable days and sleepless nights and losing my voice…I mean, come on.

And then, as sista-friend so eloquently put it, we discovered a portal to the bowels of hell under our master bathroom.  (Thanks for that laugh, girl, I desperately needed one.)

Proceed to ripping out tile and walls and sub flooring, finding more and more mold & mildew along the way, and you’d think we’d hit the end, right?  Surely we were getting ready to turn a corner.  Surely there weren’t any more big surprises in the works.

Oh, but you’d be wrong, because that’s when my face exploded.

Well, technically not my whole face, just my eye.  (“Just” my eye.)  Red and oozing (sorry, gross), swelling until I could only see out of the tiniest slit.  Even if I’d felt like writing (I didn’t), I couldn’t see the freaking computer screen.  Sidelined.  Urgent care.  Then eye doctor.

Well, $#@!

The good news is two days of antibiotics has already helped.  Not in a “people don’t stare at me like I’m contagious” sort of way; it’s more of an “I don’t feel like digging my own grave” kind of thing.  But I’ll take it.

Good grief.

how new math ruined the grocery store

Come on, you know you’ve wondered about some of these.  I’m not losing sleep or anything, but I’ve run a few internal rants about some of these.  Check out Nick’s commentary on grocery stores:

Paper towels that advertise you are buying “Like 8” rolls when you are only purchasing 6 thick rolls –  It’s not “like 8” rolls.  It’s 6 rolls!  Recently, and I swear this is true, I bought a package of 6 paper towel rolls that are usually ”like 8,” but it had a large “BONUS ROLL” label on it because somehow it was “like 9”, when it was still only 6 rolls.  I hate this new math.  If I am going to pay for “Like 8” or “Like 9” paper towel rolls, I think I should be able to pay “Like full price.”

How are 6 paper towels like 9? Things that annoy me in grocery stores –

yep, killing it over here. parenting. life. relativity. you know, the usual.

There are oh so many ways I’m busy killing it over here.  I know, I know, it’s hard to watch someone knocking balls out of the park, but what can I say.  It’s a talent. 


“Have you ever noticed how parents can go from the most wonderful people in the world to totally embarrassing in three seconds?”  – Rick Riordan

**  I’ve got three of Bear’s friends crammed in the backseat and we’re on the way to a lock-in at the trampoline park.  It’s a 45 minute drive, just long enough for them to crank some tunes.  More than long enough for me to sing along at the top of my lungs.

**  Bear, T-man, and I were treating ourselves to burgers and sundaes one night when what may be the worst singer ev-er took stage and began banging out covers on his keyboard.  If eardrums could burst from offensive music then we would have finished off dinner in urgent care.  As it was I figured I could lighten the mood with a little diner booth boogie.  The looks of utter horror on my kids’ faces made the whole experience worthwhile.

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One-and-Done: giant floating cities edition

To my kids’ everlasting dismay, I have sworn off cruise ships.  All cruise ships.  Period.

“Little” cruise ships (is there even such a thing?), huge cruise ships, cruise ships BrightSide claims are “so large you’ll never even feel them move” – all are a Big. Fat. No.  Not happening.  No way, no how.

And you’d think I was killing my kids slowly with this.

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a fresh take on the mind behind RFTM (aka Who’s this chick? redux)

My who’s this chick? page (AKA Meet the mind behind the blog…) snagged the highest number of views for both 2017 and RFTM’s lifetime, so I thought it might be a fun topic to revisit.  I know, I know…you’re probably wondering how I can “revisit” telling readers about myself, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned after two years of blogging it’s that posts can always benefit from a fresh look.

Boy, what I wouldn’t give for a closeup of my eyeball right now.  Oh, wait, I’ve got a phone with a camera!

Yep.  That’s not at all creepy.

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when did we all turn into Grumpy dwarves?

I can’t say I’ve been called an easygoing soul.  Frustration, irritation, and overwhelming annoyance at rudeness or general incompetence  – those emotions used to roll off me in waves, and I wasn’t very good at disguising them.

I was what BrightSide kindly described as overly emotional.  Even I recognized (after the insanity passed) that my feelings hovered close to the surface, and it didn’t take much to make them boil over.

I won’t claim those emotions are long gone.  It’s just that I’ve learned a little bit about taking a deep breath and counting to ten.

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dust bunnies, coffee makers, and TP challenges out the wazoo

I’m grown, I’m responsible, I’m in charge of important stuff.  And yet, it seems, the list of things I Just Can’t Handle continues to grow.

» Dusting my house top to bottom.  Why do I hate this?  Let me count the ways.  The dust makes me sneeze.  It returns mere hours after I’ve removed it.  God did not give me the patience necessary to dust around knick knacks, picture frames, and books.  It involves far too much reaching and bending.  Plus no matter how throughly I think I’ve done it, there are always (always!) spots I’ve missed.


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