yep. we’re gonna go there.

It’s been a hell of a week.

An iron IV that knocked me off my feet for the rest of the week.  Apparently some folks get up from the chair and feel outstanding; others end up nauseated, exhausted, and with raging headaches.  Guess which camp I landed in?  Yeah.

On a side note, a head’s up for anyone out there who might need an iron boost someday:  for most of the IV day your pee will be a rusty color.  You know, just in case your nurse forgets to tell you.  I could have done without that heart stopping moment in the restroom.

Four full days where I left the house by 8:00am and didn’t get back until around 2:00.  Phoebe and Gracie did not appreciate the sudden increase in quality alone time, that’s for sure.

Twenty minutes before leaving town yesterday T-man took a major spill in the road.  After grabbing Bear from practice plus 4½ hours of crazy involving an urgent care visit and late dinner we finally managed to pack up and leave.  At 9:30pm.  With T-man stretched out across my backseat icing his sprained knee.

Plus the commander in chief referred to places in Africa as “shithole countries.”  So there’s that.

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“I’m not like those other ‘bad’ white people.”

Come on, folks, click over and check this post out.  It’s a must read.

“Hey. Friends. Addressing this part directly to other white folks. Hey, there. Hello.

When I say that “Nazis are bad,” I’m not actually calling YOU a Nazi. Unless you personally have worn a swastika, marched through the streets with torches, or run a vehicle over a group of counter-protestors, you’re fine. Sit down.

What I am saying is that white people need to wake up to what’s happening in this country. And the first way we can determine the root cause of this is to check your reflexes.

Remember that test that the doctors did at your physical? They’d hit your knee with the little hammer? Let’s give it a shot.

Fellow white people: I think Nazis are bad. Respond!”

A brief note for my fellow white people on what to do after Charlottesville | I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog

blowing up that University bubble

BrightSide and I met in Charlottesville.

We were both twenty and living in that University bubble.  Life being what it is I bumped into BrightSide with some baggage, but by some miracle he liked me in all my nuttiness anyway.

When we go back to visit I can still feel the thrill of being young, free, and accountable only to ourselves.


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Forever Family: in the news

In adoption related news lately…  


‘CSI: NY’ Actor Opens Up About Becoming a Single Dad After Adopting A Son


Mom’s Heartbreaking Post Urges Parents To Teach Their Kids About Differences


Deportation a ‘Death Sentence’ to Adoptees After a Lifetime in the U.S.


Couple To Adopt 7 Foster Siblings Who Were Split Among 4 Homes


Why This Dad Is Fighting JPMorgan Chase For Equal Parental Leave


Same-Sex Parents Still Face Legal Complications

the blessing of girls (and how we’re failing them)

The blessing of girls.  Their tough and tender souls.  Their passion, their wit, and the way they cut straight through your bullshit to get to the core of the matter.  The size of their hearts and the strength in their fight.

And the power of girls.  How their intuition and empathy help them become outstanding natural leaders.  Their vision of what is as well as what could be.  Their instinctive belief that all things are possible.

But oh, what we’ve done to them…

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today’s Minion mini rant

Somebody who doesn’t like Minions?!  Say what?!?  As someone who lives with young(ish) kids I figured this would be enough to get someone deported.

“As someone who normally routes for the underdog, it isn’t without regret that I confess after trying to give them a chance and pretending to tolerate them for entirely too long, I’m ready to admit that Minions are without exception the most grating, insipid characters ever brought to life in a kid’s movie…

Let me begin with the appearance of Minions.

Bright yellow in color with a body that looks like an antibiotic that’s sure to make you reconsider the importance of health, Minions are the first answer that comes to mind if one were to answer the question, ‘What does it look like when Homer Simpson takes a dump?’ “

I Can’t Pretend Anymore: Minions Are The Absolute Worst — Sass and Balderdash

appliances for the app generation

BrightSide and I were watching TV on Sunday afternoon – well, I guess that’s not really accurate.  I came into the family room to watch TV with him, but once I realized he had golf on it became more of a “hanging out in the same space” sort of thing.  ‘Cuz golf.  You know.

Regardless.  I was working on the blog when a commercial caught my eye.  It was for a new washing machine by Whirlpool, one that will magically inspire your teenager to do their own laundry.  Uh huh.

But it got me thinking…there’s a reason I don’t work in the advertising agency, and that’s because I took one look at that commercial and did the real life translation in my head.

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my fellow Americans, it’s time to eat our feelings

It’s been a rough few weeks.  Hell, as far as I’m concerned pretty much all of 2016 has been a roller coaster ride, and there’s a lot of uproar about the transition period.

But there’s plenty of places on the internet where you can talk politics.  Janel’s post talks about how Americans can come together again next week to join in our great annual tradition of consuming ridiculous amounts of food.


“Fellow Americans, I know it feels like this country is falling apart, and that we’re basically all swirling around and around the toilet bowl, waiting for that final glug to put us out of our misery. This sentiment becomes particularly more pronounced when people start thinking about Thanksgiving.  Many of us are worried about the prospect of having their first post-election family gathering.  Which I completely understand – judging by my social media feed, some of you are related to some real assholes.”

Thanksgiving is the Holiday We All Desperately Need Right Now – 649.133