a snootful, a snoutful, a furry haired mouthful

It’s been almost a month since my last Gracie post, and those of you familiar with our furry friend know good and well she hasn’t been sitting around twiddling her paws.  Oh no.  Life at our house has been hopping, or flopping, depending on your perspective.

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so you want to know if you’re ready (part 3)

…to own a pet.

We’re not talking about a little kid’s pleas here: Can we get a puppy?  Please?  Please?  Please please please please, pretty pretty please with sugar on top?  I’ll walk him and feed him and brush him every day.  Nope.  You’re a grown a** adult (or at least in your twenties), and you’re wondering if now’s a good time to search for a furry friend at the local animal shelter.

Let’s take a look at that, shall we?

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Sunday Snapshot: loyalty needs two

“Because we need each other.  We complete each other.  Duty works both ways.  Love needs a beloved.  Loyalty needs two to be loyalty.  Fidelity is nothing without someone to be faithful to.  Every dog needs a human, and every human needs a dog.”

–  Angelo Dirks

when your retriever throws it into reverse

Gracie became part of our family for a number of reasons.  BrightSide wanted a puppy, one that would grow up with the kids.  A family dog for play and snuggling.

Sure, we specifically chose a golden but not so much for the retriever aspect.  We just wanted a big, goofy dog to love, so it wasn’t a game changer when Gracie didn’t seem to grasp the whole fetch concept.  Did I think it was weird?  Yeah, kind of, since I figured retrieving was in her blood.

But things turned really weird once Gracie started this pseudo fetching thing.


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’tis the season, fur ball style

Those of you following the Gracie saga know this dog is trouble with a capital T.  Adorable, precious, loyal, but definitely Trouble.  If we’d had a crystal ball in the beginning then naming this dog would have been a piece of cake.

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of her shenanigans here or here or here.

We’ve got a history.  It’s not like we aren’t aware she’ll eat anything and everything, and yet we keep getting caught off guard.  So you can imagine the situation around here now that the holiday decorations are out.  Jesus, take the wheel.

Now, the rundown on Gracie’s oopsie moments before we’re waist deep in Christmas spirit.

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a dog’s life, butts and otherwise

Owning a dog demands a certain willingness to abandon even the illusion of dignity, often within your own home.  Sure, your adorable pooch could beg for scraps during Thanksgiving dinner, but she’s just as likely to air out her nether regions on the dining room floor.  No matter that cousin Missy wants to impress her new fiancé – as far as dog priorities go, hooches are high on the list.

No matter your family traditions, your decor, your station in life – it’s hard to act all snooty while there’s a furry va-jay-jay flopping around on the floor.

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