Forever Family: odds and ends #1

Ever had one of those weeks when your brain’s all jumbled?  When thoughts are bouncing around like a box of ping pong balls dropped down a flight of stairs?  Yeah,  it’s been like that around here.  For me, anyway.

Which makes writing for Fridays a little difficult since, by their nature, Forever Family posts require focus.  After two failed attempts I’ve realized I’m trying to shove a square peg in a round hole, and I’ve given that up for Lent.

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the Power of Firsts

Life is filled with firsts, and they usually pack a wallop.

First kiss.  Oh, boy, that first kiss is a doozy.  So much uncertainty and confusion wrapped up in an explosion of feelings and fireworks.  So much opportunity for bumping noses and awkward misses.  So much anxiety about bad breath and whether they like you back and if you’re any good at kissing at all.  It’s one of those rites of passage…there’s nothing quite like the first first kiss.

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my 20 givens

“Al’s father is 45.  He is 15 years older than twice Al’s age.  How old is Al?”

Let’s say Al’s age = x.  We also know that 45 is 15 more than twice Al’s age, so we need to transfer each part into math speak.  

Al’s age is x, so twice Al’s age is 2x, and 15 more than twice Al’s age is 15 + 2x.

Oh, finagle.  Check it out here if you’re interested.

Here are some of my givens in life, ones of the non-word problem sort.

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evens and odds

Heading into day three of being snowed in.  Time to reflect.

One glove missing at a neighbor’s house.

Two dogs romping through the snow.

Three projects halfway done with more waiting in the wings.

Four soaking wet gloves sitting on the washing machine.

Five inches of snow and ice.

Six loads of laundry waiting to be folded.

Seven kids piling inside to get warm.

Eight damp paws leaving prints everywhere.

Nine socks laying here and there.

Ten K-cups left before panic ensues.

when someone needs to tell you to take a timeout

Signs I’m about ten miles past my sit-this-round-out stage:

**  Christmas came.  Christmas went.  I can’t say I give two hoots about when I get the decorations put away again.  ‘Tis the season.

**  I find myself wondering if it’s possible to burn the candle from more than two ends.

**  I’m dropping off kids in holey t-shirts so I can avoid doing another load of laundry before packing.

**  Christmas cards were a no go for the first time in forever.  I have hopes to send Happy New Year (I did the best I could with December) cards, but I’m starting to think it might be more like Happy Valentine’s Day greetings.

**  We were beach bound, my feet are a wreck, and my toenails are lacking their trademark red.  Not a crisis.  But definitely not typical pre-beach behavior.

**  I’m less concerned with the amount of clean underwear on hand than the amount of great reading material.

**  Lost permission slips, missed deadlines, surprise school commitments, and one 24 hour notice for classroom cupcakes.


It’s most definitely time for a new year.  2017, let’s go.

just a few favorites

I’m on a bit of a Sound of Music kick.  I even caught Bear humming some of the tunes, which I have to say warmed my musical heart.  I just can’t get one of them out of my head, though.  No matter how hard I try this one particular song is on repeat.

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things!”
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the evils of leggings and the perfect cheese fries

The last few potato chips in the bag.  An open can of cashews on the counter.  Stumbling across a Snickers bar two hours before dinner.

We’re talking about the kind of stuff that sucks all the oxygen out of the room.  The things that have almost a magnetic pull, drawing me to them, calling my name until I finally cave.

These are evil.  Pure eeeevil.

White cheddar cheese popcorn.  omg, what kind of devilry is this?!  The first bite is shocking, the second mouth wateringly delicious.  Before I blink twice I’m eating this stuff by the handful and have to force myself to stop after inhaling half a bag.

White cheddar cheese curls.  Okay, come on.  Is everything covered in this white powdery goodness completely addictive?

Lularoe leggings.  Sweet pumpernickel, there are no words.  Sista-friend introduced me to these and I was immediately sold.  I mean, who doesn’t want a pair of leggings that make you feel like Flo Jo?  I own two pairs now, and when I wear them I spend the whole day running my hand down my thigh.  I’m certain I must be raising eyebrows around town but damn, it’s magic.

Black Friday sales.  Okay, now that these have gone online I’m in a world of trouble.  My hard and fast rule of not shopping for myself the month before Christmas flies right out the window when I see something I really really want marked down 50% or more.  Over the last five years or so our Black Friday scores have included a vacuum, travel gear, lamps, and some really nice sheets.

Salty snacks.  I used to be all about the sweets.  Cakes, cookies, chocolate – all were my kryptonite.  Lately, though, it’s the tang of salt I crave.  Pringles, potato chips and dip, cheesy fries, tortilla chips, salsa, and peanuts all call to me like a homing beacon.  ‘Tis the season for a good cheese ball with Wheat Thins, and I can chow down on that mess all day long.

Decadent appetizers.  Nothing pulls me down as fast as seeing “cheese fries” on a menu.  Texas Roadhouse has them down to an art – giant steak fries seasoned with some mystery salty goodness, tons of melted cheese, and bacon crumbled over the top with ranch dressing for dipping.  Mmmmm…..