Sunday Snapshot: the perfect view


Two curious faces pressed to the window, watching Daddy mow the yard.

They were adorable.  Tiny hands, tiny feet, tiny nose prints on the glass – I couldn’t even get mad at them for smudging, they were that stinking adorable.

And they couldn’t get enough of BrightSide.  They stayed there for what seemed like forever, watching him cross back and forth across the grass, completely engrossed by the sight.

My memories might fade, but this photo brings them roaring back to life.

Sunday Snapshot: a wondrous world


Two dozen children stood in wonder, staring wide eyed at the Washington monument soaring high into a bright blue sky.

Some students had already visited D.C. but were still awed by the sight; others had never left North Carolina and found themselves astounded by its majesty.  Either way, it was impossible to be blasé in the midst of so much emotion.

Sometimes we forget.  Adults become…well…not necessarily jaded, but accustomed to vast displays.  Magnificent tributes.  Masterpieces of one sort or another.

But then you see something through the eyes of a child and it all rushes back.

It truly is a wondrous world.

Sunday Snapshot: a dazzling love


Watching them that day was like seeing unbridled joy collide with utter adoration.  Love and delight shone all around them, brighter than the sun as a blast of energy exploded out of the water, spinning furiously through the air before crashing with a dazzling splash.

It was one of those moments forever frozen in time, precious for both T-man and Bear’s love for BrightSide and his limitless devotion to them.

Sunday Snapshot flipped: I see you


I see you.

Still as a mouse

caught in a cat’s gaze,

barely breathing,

as if thinking yourself

out of existence

could protect you from

the pounce.

I see you

watching, waiting,

seeing the world

pass you by

on your perch,

wondering if those hurried steps

would slow even a bit

to witness your


I see you.

-ljh  11/6/16