SoCS – the power of three

I recently revisited one of my old guilty pleasures, Charmed.  Gotta love Netflix – all the crap television you’ve ever watched, ready to waste your time on another go ’round.

In case you missed this particular tv show, it tells the story of three sisters (four, once Shannen Doherty supposedly went a little woo-woo and they had to bring in another “power of three” character) who come into their powers once they’re reunited in their childhood home.  Cue sisters struggling with identity issues as they battle the forces of evil to save the innocent.

Yeah.  It’s pretty much as bad as it sounds.

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SoCS – cows, potties, and projects

So this week’s SOC prompt is “moo” which makes me all dammit, why’d I just write that post about announcing cows when we pass them, that would have been perfect.


Let us unleash the free form creativity and see where it leads us.

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SoCS – genetics and the stink eye

Giving the stink eye is a long standing tradition in our family.  My mother could stop us dead in our tracks with a single look – in a crowded store, as we were leaving the park, when we showed our rear ends at a family gathering – one look from her and poof.  Problem eliminated.

Or it was if you were smart.  Being given more than one stink eye was a sure ticket to an unpleasant evening.

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SoCS – acts worth admiring

Any way you look at it, you have to admire the work certain people do in this world.

Nurses work ridiculously long hours, sometimes with patients who are terminal, tasked with providing loving care under all sorts of circumstances.  Anyone who goes into this profession are seriously dedicated to caring for people’s health.

People who run mass transportation.  Out here in suburbia we drive an awful lot of cars, but there are any number of places that survive on buses, taxis, and subways.  The people who operate those are the ones who make it all work for the rest of us.  They’re how we get to work, how we visit family and friends, how we go to doctor and dentist appointments.

Adults who share their gifts with others.  The photographer who offers camera classes for beginners.  The artist who sponsors an after school club.  The everyday citizen who teaches ESL classes in her spare time.  There’s no more admirable trait than a willingness to share your knowledge.

Dreamers, inventors, any who aspire to make the world a better place.  Without these people society would stand still and go stagnant.

See, I bet you thought I was gonna talk about teachers and police officers and fire fighters.  Those folks deserve admiration as well, there’s no doubt about it, but the world turns on so much more than a few well sung heroes.

Visit Linda’s blog to check out her weekly feature of stream of consciousness writing.  This week’s prompt is “any.”  Use it as the first word in your post.  Bonus points for chosing a theme starting with the letter A.

SoCS – m.a.r.c.h.

March…march…march…well, this brings to mind a barrage of thoughts.

  • Why is March always so much colder than I expect it to be?  We have these deceptively warm days, but then when you roll out of bed at 7am it’s around 35 degrees outside.  Brrrrr…
  • I never have been able to watch March of the Penguins.  I feel a bit slacker about this since people are all “it’s such an incredible movie,” but when push comes to shove I just can’t seem to click play.
  • My brother-in-law is super into marching bands.  He took us to a competition in the summer of 2015 which was, for lack of a better description, intense.  I wrote a post called So you don’t think marching bands are bad ass… and clicked publish, which is when I learned bad ass marching band participants have a huge contingent on Twitter.  That post got retweeted more than any other I’ve written.  Crazy, right?

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SoCS – did you just call me short stuff?

I never considered myself a short girl.  I’ve always believed I was sort of average at five feet, five (and a half) inches, though BrightSide has taken more than your typical amount of glee in telling me I’m height deprived.

Then again he’s six foot three, which I find freakishly tall, so I guess we’re kind of even.

At any rate, it never occurred to me (not even ONCE) that there might come a day when I’d be the shortest one in our family.


This photo is from the fall of 2015, when I still had a couple of inches on my kids.  Sure, they were looking pretty grown, but I was decidedly taller than both of them.

These days those little punks are looking me in the eye.  I mean, come on!  One’s not quite eleven and the other turns thirteen this summer – how on earth can they be as tall as me already??

Bear has shot through several inches and is, to T-man’s mortification, as tall as he is.  We keep reassuring him that his growth spurt is coming and in the end he’s going to be taller than all of us, but that doesn’t seem to make him feel better about his baby sister looking him in the eye.

I suspect he’ll feel a lot better when his short mama is looking up at him every day.

SoCS 2

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays are open to anyone who’d like to participate.  Pop over and give her blog a visit.  This week’s prompt is “short.”

SoCS – does anyone know a project fairy?

My brain is bouncing all over the place with this week’s prompt.

Bear has a book fair project due soon.  I walked into her room last week and stopped dead in my tracks – the place looked like a crime scene, just with clothes everywhere instead of blood.  I called her on it (if you can say sputtering “but what…I mean, how…what on earth happened in here?!?” is calling her on it), and as I crossed the room Bear actually had the gall to say, “Well, that’s my book fair project.”

Umm…okay, sweetie pie, this right here might be your project, but All The Rest is just mess.

We’ve passed the absorption point on home projects.  You know how it can rain up to a certain level and the ground happily drinks it up, but then there’s that tipping point when the flooding begins?  Our house is like that right now.  If there were soil we’d have worms swimming to the surface to play with the dogs.

Everywhere I turn there’s a project that needs doing.  Floors need two weeks straight of mopping just to peel off all the dog paw dirt.  Blinds need dusting and closets need cleaning out.  Laundry needs folding (yes, again), the storage room needs organizing, and the kitchen cabinets are a wreck.  I can’t even think about the garage, and cleaning out the office is a “project” like climbing Mount Everest is a “hike.”

It’s gotten to where I turn around four times, realize there’s just too much, and crash with the dogs.  I guess I’m waiting for the Project Fairy to pay us a visit one night.

I’d even be willing to leave her a little something for her trouble…

SoCS 2

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays are open to anyone who’d like to participate.  Pop over and give her blog a visit.  This week’s prompt is “project.”

SoCS – the 5 Ws and a How

Who, what, when, where, why, and how…I remember learning early on that one of the tenets of storytelling is answering these questions.  Not all in a row or anything, but that a strong story will have all facets.

Oddly enough, I never took much to fiction writing (especially strange when you consider how much I enjoy a good novel) so this lesson might seem to be lost on me, but I’ve found it extrapolates to much in life.  If you don’t have most or all of this information then you’re kind of flying blind on your decisions.

And then the kids came along.  Holy cow, these questions took on a whole new level of importance.

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