gratitude: what do pencils, popcorn, and ice have in common?

Boy, do we love to moan and groan about the modern world.  Increasingly complex password requirements.  Ever changing food pyramids and nutritional flip flops – eggs are a healthy breakfast, but they spike your cholesterol, except they provide good protein…No cell service and home security systems gone haywire. 

But I’ll take the bad with the good any day because there are several modern conveniences I’m exceedingly grateful for.  (Yes, my fellow English majors, that should be “for which I’m grateful” – but does anyone else have trouble writing when it comes out sounding so…stuffy?)

Automatic Ice Makers.  I will admit right up front that this sounds, even to me, like the epitome of laziness.  The thought of filling trays of water and then dumping frozen cubes into a bucket, over and over, is a game changer, and I’m fully aware that’s just silliness.  But the magical machine that feeds water into the freezer, makes cubes, then fills the ice bucket for me?  Yep.  Love it.

Microwave Popcorn.  I don’t remember popping kernels on the stove.  My dad used to put them in a black box that he’d shake in the fireplace, and my mom used one of those big air poppers you plugged in – we put butter in the top so it was a mess to clean – so clearly I enjoy some popcorn.  However, being slightly averse to unnecessary effort, I’m a huge fan of tossing a bag into the microwave to pop.  Shoot, ours even has a button marked “popcorn.”  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Automatic Pencil Sharpeners.  Speaking as a teacher who’s worked in ancient older schools, ones with that classic metal pencil sharpener screwed to the wall, I cannot stress enough the miracle that is the automatic pencil sharpener.  The difference between preparing for Back To School by grinding thirty pencils into pointiness and whirring a couple of boxes through that magic sharpener is nothing short of finger saving.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

10 thoughts on “gratitude: what do pencils, popcorn, and ice have in common?

  1. I’m with you on the ice maker. I didn’t even think about it until mine broke. And, when my son was in school one of the chores us parents could do to fulfill our volunteer hours was sharpen pencils, so I don’t think you’re alone in that one either.

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  2. Yes to the ice-maker. My wife makes popcorn on the stove and it tastes so much better than the stuff I make in the microwave at work, I am never going to ask her to stop.

    I use mechanical pencils in my workshop. My wife uses the old crank job pencil sharpener.

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  3. For me my “aha” appliance was a dishwasher! I never had one until just a few years ago. My 85 year old mom has never had one. We have an apartment sized one as the space we had for it was small so that’s what we had to go for plus with just two people, it made sense. I LOVE my dishwasher and there are times when we have company that I wish it was much bigger. Of course my hubs and I disagree as to how it is to be loaded (we disagree on virtually everything so this comes as no surprise…). He loads it the way his mom loaded hers, I, being a semi-germ freak, load it as I think it should be done and since I am the one who does it, I get to do it my way (tho, hubs will still make comments anytime he has to go in there for something).
    Oh, and my old toaster oven……love that thing….especially for crisping up left over pizza….and tater tots….and pizza rolls….geez, now I am getting hungry and not a single on the aforementioned items to be had….dang….

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    • Bwahahahaha! Even I was hungry by the end of this!!
      Dishwasher definitely would have topped this list. I hate washing dishes by hand — not so much for the work but I lean a bit toward germ freak myself and never feel like I can really get them clean.

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  4. While I am desperately grateful that my STUPID side-by-side fridge from 1982 still runs, allowing me to spend money elsewhere, I really, really, really hate buying ice. :/ I make ice from time to time, but as you may know, my family requires 4328097432 gallons of swate tay a day, and thus, buying ice is crucial.
    I prefer to make popcorn a la stove, but I’m also a fan of Skinny Pop.
    I don’t like dishwashers, but I will admit, I loved them when we had bottles, sippy cups and pacis.
    I hate mechanical pencils and I have a real wall-mounted pencil sharpener in my house. BUT from a classroom perspective, Uh, Nowa. That wouldn’t do 😉
    Great post!

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    • Thanks, Joey. We finally bought a new fridge when we moved into the house we’re in now so I’m beyond blessed to have a second fridge in the garage. Now if only *that* ice maker worked we’d be fine when we have people over. Otherwise the ice maker can handle our family of four, even with the dogs taking their fair share of ice cubes as “treats.” But with your family and the sweet tea addiction…well, clearly ice is a necessity!


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