SoCS – what they didn’t see

His friends never did approve, wondering what he saw in the life of a suburb dwelling, bridge playing, Saturday-mornings-playing-golf-Sunday-evenings-at-church existence.  His choices seemed bland…boring…a stripped down version of his former fun loving, bar hopping self.

But they didn’t see the way he looked at her in the morning when the slumber still lay heavy on her head.  Small lines etched in the corners of her eyes, dimple gracing her left cheek – a lifetime of experiences wrapped up in a firecracker of a woman whose heart took his breath away.  He watched her ease slowly into the day, slight smile twitching at the corner of her mouth, and knew this boring existence would be the greatest adventure in his life.

He was forever hers.

We join Linda’s stream of consciousness post on Saturdays.  This week’s prompt is “his/her(s)” with instructions to use one or both.  I’m rocking the bonus points today for starting with one and ending with the other.  Whoop whoop!

yes, I am That Basketball Parent

It seems we’ve come to the end of Bear’s first season on her school’s basketball team.  We’ve had what you might call a steep-ish learning curve – is there some sort of rule against full disclosure for newbie parents? – but overall it’s gone well.  Bear’s team may not have won the end-of-season basketball tournament but they did take home the sportsmanship award, which I think is just as important so I’m sending a WHOOP WHOOP out to them.

As for me?  Not like it’s a huge surprise, but I’ve accepted I am That Parent.


I’m the one screaming my head off, cheering on every child on the court because Hell yeah, you just made that play, you are a ROCK STAR.


I’m also the one screaming my head off because it’s a two point game and we can totally do this!

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setting Dr. King’s legacy straight

“Whenever a protest occurs, Dr. King’s method of non-violence is the measuring stick. If said protest turns into a riot (i.e. Ferguson and Baltimore), then I guarantee I will hear/read, ‘MLK would not be pleased with this. These people should be peaceful. That’s how MLK got things done.’ These folks completely ignore that Dr. King said, ‘A riot is the language of the unheard.’ “

The Good Negro: A Fresh Voice

there might be a good reason I’m not a Hallmark writer

Then again, maybe my voice is precisely what’s needed to round out their collection of $6.99 Valentine’s Day cards.

Roses are red,
violets are blue...
wait, are violets blue?  what do violets look like again?
are those flowers that die every year?
'cause that would be a really crappy flower for a love poem...
a love poem I've ruined because I don't know my freaking flowers.
just forget the whole thing, dammit.

I would pour my heart out, my sweet -
tweeting the depth and breadth of our love
out into the universe
so the very stars themselves could admire
its brilliant resilience -
if only my Twitter account hadn't been suspended
for inappropriate language.

You're the man who always takes my side
  of the bed...
who ignores my quirks
  unless the guests needs an entertaining anecdote
and smooths my hair
  aside, so it doesn't block the tv.
We fit together like a 1,000 piece puzzle -
  edges smooth, picture delightful,
  with the occasional breakdown while piecing together the sky.

The man (woman, person, lover, dog) of my dreams
is strong and sure -
sure in the knowledge we must have lost our minds,
thinking ourselves the master of our fate
when we're caught on a planet spinning 'round the sun,
trusting gravity to hold us fast.
You stare aghast
at the clutter scattered about me
while I think perhaps, at long last,
I've met The One who keeps a calendar.
But alas,
I'd be wrong.

You're the yin to my yang,
the sweet to my sour,
the only one I'll share my nachos with.
True love forever, baby.
(But it lasts longer if you bring your own nachos.)

a snootful, a snoutful, a furry haired mouthful

It’s been almost a month since my last Gracie post, and those of you familiar with our furry friend know good and well she hasn’t been sitting around twiddling her paws.  Oh no.  Life at our house has been hopping, or flopping, depending on your perspective.

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in case you were wondering…

When it rains, it pours is a real thing in our house.  Seriously.  Every once in a while we have 48 hours of dramatic life lessons, one after another, until I am convinced we will all end up cocooned in our beds, rocking ourselves to sleep.

Sometimes hope comes from the most unlikely of sources.  Like, say, a high school student, whose heartfelt explanation of how it will get better poured over my weary parent soul like fresh water to a drowning man.

There were four birds perched at the feeder on Saturday morning, with a fifth queued up on the pole.  It’s the first sign I’ve seen that our birds can share space.  Apparently there’s been some sort of solo feeding rule in place while they acclimate to the feeder.

Bear’s basketball team heads into the tournament with a 6 wins, 6 losses record.  They’ll play their first game tomorrow afternoon.  Bring the heat, ladies!

Irony of ironies, I’m getting fillings replaced on Valentine’s Day.  That’s right, folks…I will be kicking off Love Day with Novocaine injections and that god awful sound of a drill grinding into my teeth.  Pray for my dentist.


Share Your World 2/12/18

Are you a practical jokester?

Not really.    Wit, sarcasm, goofing around – I enjoy humor and a good laugh is the best medicine, but I’ve never been what you’d call a practical jokester.  Playing pranks on someone has always felt weird to me.  Not sure why, but there it is.

Who cuts your hair?  You, a friend, or professional.

A professional.  I had a horrible bang trimming experience in my younger days and learned my lesson.  Scissors belong in the hands of a professional, at least they do when it comes to my hair.

Did you have a stuffed animal when you were a kid, if so what kind?

I had lots of stuffed animals.  There was a teddy bear my Grandma G. gave me for Christmas, and a googly eyed cookie monster.  My brother gave me a fluffy long haired duck one year – when I was in college, I think – that stayed on my bed for years.  You’d grab it by the bill and shaaaaaakkke it to fluff out its hair.  Don’t know why that particular memory is so strong but I can still remember the feeling of watching the duck get all fluffy again.  🙂

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

BrightSide, BrightSide, BrightSide.  Holy crap, parenting is a crazy gig sometimes and he is what gets me through some days.

Cee’s Share Your World pops up on Mondays.

What’s happening in your world today?