Monday morning rundown (and my 7 stages of WTF just happened?)

1.  Friday brought an early morning walk-in clinic visit with Bear. My own sick kid? Check. One sick kid hacking up a lung? Check check. A miserable looking sick kid waiting for a flu test? Holy Crap, don’t breathe.

2.  I was inspired to make the trip into town productive, so we headed to my favorite car wash. I inched down the street wondering if I’d lost my mind – I could have SWORN it was right here, the entrance is right after McDonald’s, this is supposed to be the driveway [turns in] but why does it say AutoBell, why is there a construction crew and why is that girl in the red shirt waving me off…Not my finest moment.

3.  Spent the afternoon convincing myself I hadn’t caught whatever knocked Bear off her feet on Thursday night.

4.  Accepted the inevitable at 5:00pm. Crashed and burned. Mightily.

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the benefits of adventure, near and far

“The first time we sent our children on a trip without us (or any other relative), it was to a weeklong camp near a mountain lake. Our sons were ten and seven years old.

Some were surprised we’d let our younger kid go, but he was ready for an age-appropriate camp program like this. Both boys had the times of their lives, and returned to us scabbed, sunburned and smiling, the younger one with a suitcase full of clean clothes. He hadn’t changed the entire week.

I know. Yuck.”

8 Reasons Your Kid Should Travel (Without You) : The Huffington Post

Sunday Snapshot: bunny rescue 911

I was busy enjoying a lovely Saturday afternoon nap when Bear crashed through the front door calling out, “Dad said to get you right now! And to tell you to bring your phone!” What?! I bolted to my feet, sleep still thick behind my eyes, wondering what could possibly be happening outside. Had there been an accident? Was something going on with T-man? Did something happen to BrightSide??

I jammed my feet into the wrong shoes, stumbled back out of them, and fell into a chair to gather my wits. Somehow I made it outside where I found BrightSide and Bear staring down at a mulch bed. Then my husband of almost 23 years asked me pretty much the last thing I expected: “How do you save a baby bunny?”

Wait, what?

It seemed a mama bunny had chosen one of our bushes to shelter her babies. Unfortunately, she chose a bush that had died, so when BrightSide pulled it up yesterday he dislodged the nest. Suddenly there were four teeny tiny squirmy babies rolling around in the dirt, and I guess he figured bunny rescue would be right up my alley. Sweet.

SoCS – it’s more than the grass is always greener

Green. Green. Green green green green green.

“Yellow and blue make green.” To this day, this is how I remember combining primary colors to make green.

Looking green around the gills. A description that’s been used for me way too many times in my life.

Green means go. So why are you still sitting there fixing your mascara? Come on!

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when youth speak with their feet

Wednesday was the one month anniversary of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, and students around the country made sure we were talking about it. But not in a “[sniff, sniff] I can’t believe it’s been a month” sort of way.

If there’s one thing these kids don’t want it’s more sniffles as we bemoan the state of society. They’re looking for us to put away our tissues and get to work.

Whether you agreed with the student walkout or not, one thing’s for sure…regardless of your stance on gun violence, second amendment rights, rallies, arming teachers, or youth-led revolution, you were talking about it on Wednesday. It’s hard to ignore thousands of students marching in the streets.

Which is a good first step.

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when the smell of almonds sends canine saliva glands into overdrive

Oh me oh my, oh Gracie, Gracie, Gracie. This dog is turning me gray.

Let’s see what you’ve been up to lately.

**  One slobbery tupperware of Stevia packets. Because I’d actually remembered to hide all the breakfast food while I switched laundry loads.

**  A baseball cap, brim soaked and gently gnawed.

**  A dinosaur stamp. You know the kind – that small wooden stamp you press into an ink pad to make lots of dinosaur marks. Why Gracie would eat this, I don’t know. An even better question might be why I have a dinosaur stamp and where I’ve been keeping it.

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gratitude: dancing crows and other unexpected joys

**  Abbreviated business trips.  Yes, yes, I am woman, hear me roar, we got this. But when BrightSide’s away things get a bit…hinky. The kids miss him in that wistful “I miss dad” sort of way that’s hard to ease. I miss him. The dogs miss him. Gracie and Phoebe ran to the front door a dozen times Monday night, anxious to see if that noise they heard was BrightSide’s car in the driveway. Three days is long enough, thank you very much.

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