1.  IT’S MONDAY!! Remember this?

Today is the day they open the badge polls! You can read here if you’d like all the background about this contest and my photo details, or you can just visit Linda’s blog to vote for the new One Liner Wednesday badge. Scroll to the bottom of her post to vote in the poll. My entry is listed as Long Dock – Laura.

2.  But wherever you fall – early bird or midday bird, morning person or night owl, brunch or happy hour – please take two minutes to visit Linda’s blog today (if you don’t ask you can’t complain, if you don’t ask you can’t complain, if you don’t ask – ) and vote for my pretty pier badge!! Please and thank you.

3.  We found out this weekend exactly how dependent this house is on being wired in.

4.  The wifi crashed – I just heard the collective groan of all you bloggers out there – and things went downhill. Rebooting the router didn’t help. Rebooting the modem didn’t help. Calling the cable company didn’t help. Cue cry of despair.

5.  Because here’s what happens when what I like to call the tech bookcase crashes: no netflix/amazon prime, but because we dropped cable for a streaming subscription there’s no regular/Sling tv either. No sports, no CNN, no random Modern Family marathons. No blogging without firing up a hot spot (hello, can you say DATA BURN?). No Alexa streaming music or NPR while I’m in the kitchen. No printing. And, in a spectacularly inconvenient glitch you wouldn’t think would matter until you factor in the number of times an hour I had to hear “is the wifi fixed? is the wifi fixed? is the wifi fixed NOW?”, no gaming. Sweet baby Jesus, you mean NO FORTNITE? Are these the Dark Ages? Is this the End Times? AM I GOING TO DIE WITHOUT GETTING MY FIVE THOUSANDTH KILL?? Yeah.

6.  So I should mention here that our cable company – I’m looking at YOU, Spectrum – has a monopoly in this particular area. You never really know what you’re gonna get when you call. Me? I got the typical “have you tried manually rebooting the modem?”. “Yes.” “Okay, I’ll walk you through a few steps” just in case unplugging the modem, disconnecting the cable, waiting 30 seconds, then hooking it all back up again was just too much for my addled brain to handle on my own.

7.  Shocker of shockers, we needed a technician appointment. Which they couldn’t make until the following day. Right when I needed to be someplace else. UGH. But internet.

8.  So okay, I’ll go to the service and duck out five minutes early. Not ideal but doable. Right up until the moment I slide into the pew only to have my phone ring with a notification that my technician was – wait for it – ON THE WAY. An hour early. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Cue definitively non-churchy thoughts.

9.  The good news is I beat the technician back to the house. The better news is they fixed the issue (which was NOT a subpar attempt at rebooting the modem). The best news is I was non-data blogging by Sunday afternoon.

10.  Hey! Have you voted yet?? Please, thank you, and I love you all. Fingers crossed!