What fictional family would you like to be part of? (think TV shows, cartoon or books or some fictional family that you admire)

BrightSide suggests The Incredibles would be a good fit and I’m too flattered to disagree.

Which band or artist would you like to play at your funeral or memorial service? (the artist can have passed on too)

I vote for Paul Simon. If he isn’t available then let’s go with P!nk.

Preference. Popcorn, M&Ms or other. Choose something you love snacking on.

Seriously, is there anyone who can name a single snack for this one? Hot buttery popcorn when I’m in the mood, peanut M&Ms when I crave chocolate with a bit of salty, Swedish fish when I want sweet gummy goodness. Oh, and Starburst jelly beans. Love me some Starburst jelly beans.

If you could be any supernatural (fantasy) character, what would you be? (Think Elves, fairies, dragons or whatever)

The longer I sit here the clearer it is I’m not well versed in fantasy. Seriously, the only dragon that comes to mind is the one in Shrek. I enjoyed the fairies in Maleficent so I guess I could pick one of those…somehow I think I’m off the deep end with this one.

Please share the best advice you’ve ever gotten which you feel ought to be shared with everyone.

Keep hydrated — when you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated so stay on top of things and drink your fluids.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.