T-man and Bear can best be described as water bugs.  They have souls that practically glow when they’re out on the lake, happy beyond all reason during their time in the sun.

It’s a good life.

Over Labor Day weekend we went to the lake, where the kids had a chance to swim and play after tackling the first two weeks of school.  They adore everything having to do with the water, especially boat activities, and they swim like fish off the dock.  Nothing makes those two happier than a beautiful day spent outside…

T-man and Bear tried out a new tube called the Sea-Doo.  This looked pretty horrifying to me – you lie on your stomach and hold on for dear life, which pretty much means it’s all about upper body strength.  (Shockingly, nobody asked if I wanted to try this one out.)



While sitting on the dock one day we saw the coolest guy on his wakeboard.  He could do a flip. He’d come off the wake and the board would go up and over his head, making sort of a slanted back flip.  It was un-freaking-believable, and I know in my heart T-man will be trying this someday.  No doubt I will be in the boat, praying feverishly while I watch.

As for now, T-man’s wake boarding skills grow stronger every time he goes out on the lake.  The endless hours skateboarding over the last year have really made a difference – T-man was fearless as he threw himself higher and higher into his jumps.




Water time is sacred while we’re there, but the kids have a blast in the house, too.  They love the Wii (a luxury they don’t have at home) and they’re getting exceptionally good at playing pool.  T-man has an innate ability to see the angles, so it’s really fun watching him play with BrightSide.

Sadly, I was pretty much sick as a dog when we left for the weekend and didn’t really pull out of it until we were packing up to come home.  Still, all in all, it was a great to get away for a few days…