We all exist because of that sperm-meets-egg deal, so obviously we all have a father in the picture somewhere.  That little two syllable word covers a lot of ground, though.

There are fathers that raise their kids, and fathers that don’t.  Fathers that only see their kids part time but they think about them around the clock.  Fathers who are part of the family but not part of their children’s lives, and fathers who are single parents.  There simply isn’t one type of “dad.”

But throw a birthfather into the mix and it’s a whole new ball game.  Tomorrow’s Forever Family deals with the father issue.  Come check out the post and add your thoughts to the mix.

I think we’re all pretty clear on what makes a father.  The word even comes in verb form: fathering a child.  (And isn’t it interesting how that refers to conception, but mothering has to do with raising a child…what does that tell you about our language’s creators?  But I digress.)

So basically having strong swimmers gets you into the club.  A man becomes a father once he’s participated in creating life, though I suppose you might have some wiggle room there when it comes to sperm banks.  As far as I’m concerned fatherhood has everything to do with biology.

But a dad?  That’s another matter entirely.