In love?  In truth?  In the world around you?

There are certain things I believe wholeheartedly.  That BrightSide loves me, in spite of my faults.  That I’m a good mother.  That, hit or miss, putting myself out here on this blog is worth the risk.  And that the people who love me will be there, no matter what.

It breaks my heart to see that, in different ways, both of my kids are struggling with believing. Tomorrow’s Forever Family will talk about how a baby’s first twelve months can affect their entire life.  Come and add your voice.

A child’s trust is a sacred thing.  They come into the world wholly innocent, and they’re entirely dependent on the people around them for everything.  Food, shelter, love, nurturing…it all comes from the adults surrounding that child.

Breaking the trust of a child is cruel, and not simply because as humans we’re meant to love one another.  Fracturing a child’s trust – especially at its most basic level, when a baby is first learning about the world – fundamentally affects that child’s ability to believe in the world around him.

It can make a kid like T-man question even the most basic of truths.