So I was puttering around this morning when a thought struck me – my one year blogiversary ought to be coming around one of these days.  And what do you know…I published my first post on March 24, 2015. An entire year of Riddle from the Middle!  Woo hoo!!


(So why 366 days, you ask?  Well, that leap year February earned me an extra day so now, if I want to find my day count by multiplying, I’ll forever have to remember to +1.  Wonder what the odds are that I’ll keep track of this little tidbit…)

An entire year of learning to navigate these blogging waters.

Experimenting with formats and photos and topics.  Trying my hand at HTML coding (with somewhat minimal success).  Learning about hashtags and social media and networking.  Looking back, I’ve absorbed a remarkable amount of information since last March, and I’m learning more every day.

Riddle from the Middle has seen me through crazy dog antics, the onslaught of hormonal puberty, and insanely quotable moments.  It’s given me space for random rants and a forum for talking about adoption.  It’s seen me through my mother’s illness and death, a time when so many of you reached out to me with comfort and support.  And while I got a little lost in that time, I firmly believe RFTM was one of the anchors that helped me come back to my “regular” life.

I’m incredibly grateful for this little corner of the Internet, and I feel blessed that so many of you have chosen to visit it.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.

With lots of non-snarky love,