My brother’s held the title of Cool Uncle J. for a while now.  Years, actually, but we’ve all learned to live with the blinding spotlight of his über coolness because, well, he’s über cool.  No point in swimming upstream, right?

My sister rocks it out in the aunt department, too.  The kids love their Aunt Bee, and let’s face it…what could possibly be better than childhood memories of deliciously realistic bulldozer cakes?  I’ll tell you what: nothing.  Nothing beats deliciously realistic bulldozer cakes.

So my kids won the lottery in the aunt and uncle department, but I’d say I won it when it comes to families.  ‘Cause even I think my siblings are super cool.

Bee’s brilliant and a pillar of strength through good times and bad.  Always ready to listen, always has my back…Bee brings her mama bear to my camp anytime I call.  She’s raised two beautiful girls and influenced countless lives as a preschool teacher on top of being an extraordinarily decent human being.  I’ve watched her remarkable growth over the last few years – she’s healthy, strong, beautiful, and above all else happy.

As my kids have (so sweetly) told me, J. does way more awesome things than I do.  I’d be offended except my brother is pretty freaking awesome…he’s served in the military since he graduated from the Naval Academy many moons ago.  (If I’m old then you get to be old, too, baby brother.)  Over the course of J.’s career he’s shown remarkable bravery, giving everything he is to serve our country, and I’m so proud of what he’s accomplished.  He was smart enough to bring Ess into the fold, and now they’ve added Cee Cee to their brood so I’ve gained the joy of watching him be a daddy.

It might be a crazy life, but I’ve got some awesome siblings to share it with.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.