10 Thoughts About Ocean’s 8, After Watching It 57 Times This Week During The Polar Vortex: Damon Young, verysmartbrothas

“There is weather happening outside. During this weather happening period, HBO has been kind enough to air Ocean’s 8 literally every moment of every day, and I was fortunate enough to catch (at least) 57 of these viewings this week. Here are some thoughts.

1. Although the diamond necklace heist was the point of the movie, Debbie Ocean’s series of breezy finesses at Bergdorf Goodman (and the hotel) were the most amusing. So amusing that I considered for a moment trying something similar at Nordstrom, until remembered that I’m a black man and I’d probably get shot.

(And yes, “Commit cool crimes” has been added to the list of “Shit I can’t do because I’d probably get shot,” right after “Knock on a stranger’s door” and “Answer the door when a stranger knocks on mine.”)”

Some Things White People Can Do That People of Color Cannot: OnlyBlackGirl

Eating/opening Food In The Store Without Being accused of theft…even though it is literally theft.

As both a black person and someone who has worked many years in retail, seeing white people do this, pisses me off to no end. How much entitlement do you have that you just open whatever you want without buying it (which is literally theft), and it’s just assumed that you will pay for it? Meanwhile, people of color are stopped, harassed and even killed when we DON’T steal anything and even after we pay. If that ain’t a shining example of white privilege, I don’t know what is.”

Ask A Dad: Can Black People Be Racist?: Doyin Richards

As a white mom raising white kids in middle America, I pride myself on being as conscious as possible when it comes to racism. I ensure my kids embrace differences and teach them not to be colorblind. But last week one of my co-workers (who is a black man) told me I’ll never understand what racism is like because I’m white, and I wasn’t sure how to respond. Though I certainly wouldn’t call this racism, I’ve had people of color treat me negatively because I’m white. What should I tell my co-worker if this comes up again?

— Jody in St. Louis

The short answer: I agree with your co-worker. You’ll never understand what racism is like.”

Hiding in Plain Sight: Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the Fact That Ralph Northam Is a Racist Doctor?: kinfolk kollective

“How can we ignore that this man thought nothing of dressing in either Blackface or Klan regalia — because both are equally offensive and communicate a clear allegiance to racism — is a pediatric neurologist at Chesapeake’s Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter. Yes, a man who thinks “I don’t recall” is an acceptable response to being accused of donning racist makeup and dress is charged with caring for sick children, many of whom are Black children like the children people in Klan robes routinely terrorized, fed to alligators and even lynched. So in addition to his ability to affect the lives of the Black people he courted heavily during his campaign through racist policy and the inequitable distribution of resources, he is in an indisputable position to medically discriminate against and underserve vulnerable Black children.”