come in open minded, leave fair food satisfied

On the last State Fair weekend in North Carolina (marking yet another year of slacker parenting by not taking our kids for this experience), I thought it would be perfect timing to share Nick’s musings on Fair food debates.  Enjoy.

Among the issues discussed:

3. Which type of food on a stick? – They have put every type of food except soup on a stick at the fair, and they’ll probably do that sometime soon, too.  It’s great fun to walk around and carry food on a stick, and you can even put the stick in your pocket or behind your ear to hold your food if you need.”

Top Five Fair Food Debates –

just remember, it’s a real person in there

Certain things in life carry long term consequences.  Defrauding the government.  Murdering your ex-wife.  Maxing out then defaulting on six credit cards.

When it comes to kids, though, they’d argue that the name you hang around their neck affects them for life.  No pressure but, you know…tread gently.

“So without further a-doo-doo, here are a few baby names that maybe you shouldn’t name your newborn:


When your baby won’t sleep more than 16 minutes straight and she’s sinking her piranha jaws into your calloused nips and you feel like you’ve entered a hell you never knew existed, suddenly it might dawn on you that naming your newborn “heaven” spelled backward was the opposite of brilliant.  Here’s an idea, maybe you should have named her lleh.”

A few baby names you probably shouldn’t choose, just sayin’ : Baby Sideburns

$147 a minute makes for pretty expensive bathroom breaks

Weddings.  The hardcore breakdown.

“Uh oh, DGGYST has been reading again.  Nothing good can come of that.  I get new information and then I pass it on to you like some kind of horrible virus…

So when I read an article that the average cost of a wedding climbed to a record high of $35,329 last year, I was a bit stupefied and immediately felt the need to discuss it with you.

Now let me assure you, I think you are a big sexy adult who is entirely capable of spending her money the way she sees fit.  There are a bunch of ridiculous articles out there telling you that weddings are a waste and stupid, and that you look fat and shouldn’t go to the beach (maybe my magazine pages got stuck together).  I’m not going to do any of that.

I only want you to have a firm understanding of what you are getting for your money.”

Your Wedding, Your Money – Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

“What are you, exactly?”

One biracial man’s views on the fallacy of a post-racial America.  Pure, thought provoking, honest, and brave.  Please take a few minutes to read his story, then share it with your friends.

“…when it comes time for them to attend school, will my sons be confronted with that same question: What are you?   And when they answer, will they be doubted…?

That kind of doubt and disbelief can run deep in a child.  I know, because I experienced that disbelief, no matter how loudly I protested.  I didn’t dress right, I didn’t talk right, no way was I “mixed” with black.  As a child, more than anything you want to belong, and so the constant disbelief and invalidation of your identity wears you down, to the point where you don’t want to argue anymore, where you almost begin to question it yourself.”

The Unbearable Whiteness Of Being | Cognoscenti

home of the free, because of the brave

We’ve had a whole lotta flag talk going around lately.  Folks jawing about disrespecting the flag and our country…other folks jawing about the country our flag represents disrespecting human rights and basic freedoms.

Where do you fall?

“Let’s fast forward a bit from those childhood days of mine, to a few years ago.  I had a neighbor and she flew an American flag in front of her house…Sally flew her flag proudly.  She was very vocal about her patriotism.  Home of the free because of the brave, and all that jazz.  One day, Sally got a new next door neighbor.  This neighbor was part of the American dream, coming from another country and establishing roots in the neighborhood, starting a flourishing local business.

I’ll call this new neighbor Lou.  At first, she was excited about Lou moving in.  ‘Oh, yeah, you know Lou?  He runs the so and so store down the corner!  He’s great!’  So, cool.  Lou is great…

Not long after Lou moved in, so did his wife, a hijab wearing Muslim from a middle eastern country.  The exact same middle eastern country Lou is from, but I guess that didn’t matter until a woman in a hijab moved in with him, because that’s when Sally’s talk of “terror cells” began and never ceased.”

What The Flag Means To Me – I’m Sick and So Are You


Beautiful. Poignant. Tragic. Inspiring.
All this and more from a 13 year old artist. 
Thanks to The Green Rocking Buddhist for sharing. Please take a few minutes to change your perspective. 

The Green Rocking Buddhist

Stereo – a film about reversed gender stereotypes.

Written, Directed, and Edited by Ella Fields, 13 years old.

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“this is your child, your children, your grandchildren”

Life in our current gun culture: watching where you park, tamping down road rage, choosing your battles carefully, even weighing the pros and cons of going into Walmart.

Life for our kids in the current gun culture: innocence gone up in smoke.

“I took this picture because initially I thought it was funny.  I was going to send it to my husband to show what our mischievous little three-year-old was up to.  However, The moment she told me what she was doing I broke down.  She was practicing for a lockdown drill at her preschool and what you should do if you are stuck in a bathroom.  At that moment all innocense of what I thought my three-year-old possessed was gone.”

Rage Against the Minivan: This heartbreaking photo captures life for kids in our current gun culture

Every family has their own stuff. Autism can be one.

I know several people who love someone on the spectrum, more than one of whom have other children in the house.  Their lives are a constant balancing act – meeting the unique needs of one child while measuring the impact life is having on everyone in the family.  Here is one mom’s reflections on how her neurotypical kids handle life with their brother.

“I saw a book on an autism page I follow, written by the sibling of an autistic child, about what it was like to be the sibling of an autistic child.  I didn’t read all the details – the book was targeted towards younger children.  But it got me wondering again what it’s like for Big Man and the Princess to be the brother and sister of Little Man.  How are they changed, how are they different from who they would be if not for autism being part of our daily world?”

What’s it like for them? | Three’s a Herd