the blessing of girls (and how we’re failing them)

The blessing of girls.  Their tough and tender souls.  Their passion, their wit, and the way they cut straight through your bullshit to get to the core of the matter.  The size of their hearts and the strength in their fight.

And the power of girls.  How their intuition and empathy help them become outstanding natural leaders.  Their vision of what is as well as what could be.  Their instinctive belief that all things are possible.

But oh, what we’ve done to them…

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how to burn 500 calories watching a joint session of congress

BrightSide and I sat front and center (in our family room) as President Trump addressed a joint session of congress on Tuesday night.  BrightSide endured my random commentary as the event amped up, but once the president began speaking I tried to keep my thoughts to myself.  (Mostly successfully, I’d like to think.)  It occurred to me that standing and sitting with the audience would be a good aerobic workout, but a burger and beer won out in the end.

Now, for your (post) speech entertainment, welcome to RFTM’s twitter feed spewing my brain’s meanderings.

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are you ready for some football?

You’d be hard pressed to find someone less interested in football than I am.  Seriously, the game holds zero appeal, even (brace yourselves now) during Super Bowl weekend.  Because I’m old and crotchety I don’t even bother with the pretense anymore, which leads to a lot of painful pauses when people ask who I’m rooting for and I respond with some variation of “couldn’t care less.”

I’ve decided to become socially awkward in my middle age.

At any rate, this should tell you something about this post on Nickworthy…any football post that can hold my attention for longer than twenty seconds brings the funny.

“A few points of interest to help you get ready for this year’s Super Bowl!

  • This year’s big game is Super Bowl LI, which is pronounced Super Bowly.
  • The Patriots are led by quarterback Tom Brady…
  • Many people believe that Brady, who is considered by some to be the best quarterback ever, was originally inspired to play football by the Brady Bunch quarterback heroics of Greg Brady.
  • Ok, ‘many people’ may be a stretch, but I like to think that’s true.”

A few thoughts about Super Bowl 51: A historic grudge match named after a toy –

gratitude: time to ‘Roe

I’ve been bitten by the Lularoe bug.

The first time BrightSide heard about them he burst out laughing.  “You mean like college?” he asked.  “With those leggings and all those giant sweaters?!”

No.  It’s not at all like that.  It’s like wrapping my legs in a layer of the softest material on earth, and in fun colors to boot.  They’re the kind of leggings that compel you to feel your legs all day long (admit it, you know you do) and give you an irrational urge to do the same to strangers on the street.

Which sounds entirely bizarre.  Unless you ‘roe.  Then you totally get it.

I’d like to say I’ve gained some style sense since college – no swimming in enormous, oversized sweaters and sweatshirts these days.  I’m still covering my assets, mind you, but with tops that look less like tents and more like, well, clothes.

But these leggings…oh my word, these leggings.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

Inauguration Day in America

I’ve started this post half a dozen times now and keep stalling out.  I’ll write a sentence, delete it, start again and hate that one as well.  I find myself lost…floundering about in jumbled thoughts, unable to find my footing.

It’s Inauguration Day in America.

Very few people are ambivalent about today.  Some are more outspoken than others, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who still feels undecided about Donald Trump becoming our president.  Opinions run the gamut, but they run strong.

Here, in no particular order, are some of my thoughts on the matter.

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my fellow Americans, it’s time to eat our feelings

It’s been a rough few weeks.  Hell, as far as I’m concerned pretty much all of 2016 has been a roller coaster ride, and there’s a lot of uproar about the transition period.

But there’s plenty of places on the internet where you can talk politics.  Janel’s post talks about how Americans can come together again next week to join in our great annual tradition of consuming ridiculous amounts of food.


“Fellow Americans, I know it feels like this country is falling apart, and that we’re basically all swirling around and around the toilet bowl, waiting for that final glug to put us out of our misery. This sentiment becomes particularly more pronounced when people start thinking about Thanksgiving.  Many of us are worried about the prospect of having their first post-election family gathering.  Which I completely understand – judging by my social media feed, some of you are related to some real assholes.”

Thanksgiving is the Holiday We All Desperately Need Right Now – 649.133

Forever Family: it’s more than politics

We’ve had quite a week around here.  Inside our own little world the kids are working on moving rooms, giving each of them a bit more breathing space for when they need to get away for a while.  I’m keeping up with Bear’s science fair project and T-man’s sinus infection, kicking my own bronchial infection and praying it’s gone for good, vet appointments and UPS deliveries and dog boarding.  You know, the same old same old.

But it’s been far from a same old same old kind of week.

T-man and Bear have been extraordinarily aware during this entire election cycle.  It started way back before the primaries, when we explained repeatedly that a candidate wasn’t “winning” the presidency because the polls had him or her ahead for a state’s primary.  We discussed the two party system, the primaries, the Democratic and Republican tickets, the conventions…

Things got real in the fall.

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not the same old same old

In lots of ways it’s been a week filled with normal – doctor’s appointments and homework, laundry and life.  But in other ways it’s been pretty earth shattering.

And that’s not always easy to manage with the kids.

T-man and Bear have been extraordinarily aware during this entire election cycle.  It started way back before the primaries, when we explained repeatedly that a candidate wasn’t “winning” the presidency because the polls had him or her ahead for a state’s primary.  We discussed the two party system, the primaries, the Democratic and Republican tickets, the conventions…

Things got real in the fall.

Check out tomorrow’s Forever Family to chime in on kids and politics.  Let us know how the election impacted your own family this year.