When was the last time you face palmed?

When I squeezed my foundation too hard for the hundredth time and ended up with a big gob of makeup in my palm.

When is censorship warranted? Ever?

I agree that censorship is warranted when it comes to hate speech. Not the “I really don’t like those people” sort because you can’t legislate attitude. But hate speech that incites harassment, discrimination, intolerance, or violence toward a specific class of people deserves censorship.

If there were commandments for the modern day world, what should (could, would) some of them be? Get creative!

Embrace kindness as a way of life. Spread it with abandon.

Put down your phone, look your dinner companion in the eye, and ask about their day.

Value friends and family above movies, Final Four teams, and a good banana pudding.

Do not call your governmental representatives liars, cheats, or traitors. Unless they are. Then tell the truth.

Airbrushing shall be outlawed.

What did you Google last?

“Is the Catit flower fountain dishwasher safe?”

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.