“Ingle”? Really, Linda?! Are you gathering stats on how many posts come out with jingle this week? I’m feeling contrary these days so we’re gonna slide another way.

“All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies (All the single ladies)”

You’re singing that, right? Some of you are even doing that dance along with it, I know you are. Go on, get down with your own bad self!

It’s mildly troubling that none of your read that the way I hear it in my head when I type it. Well, probably none of you. There might be a couple who get pretty close. The odds of that increase in direct correlation to the amount of time we spend together.

Now seems like a good time to mention I’m on day three of DayQuil™. Why on earth would that matter, Laura? you ask. Well! Day one was horizontal. I might have blinked at my laptop accidentally but there wasn’t a chance I’d be touching it. Day two was horizontal with thirty minute bursts of activity: fold a load of clothes, go lie down. Empty the dishwasher, go lie down. Do something with that pile of papers that always seems to sit on the end of the counter, go lie down. Good times.

But day three? Day three is marked by a burst of productivity. After finally getting a semi-decent night’s sleep it feels like things have clicked back into place and the universe makes sense again. Mostly. Because there’s also something about day three where my brain starts slipping sideways unexpectedly. Maybe it’s the long term sleep deprivation, maybe it’s extended use of cold meds that probably interact like crazy, maybe it’s a little of both. Which means this stream of consciousness post might be a little more stream of consciousness-y than usual.

“Now put your hands up!”

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