The packing is the worst of it.

When we’re getting ready to travel – when my back’s up against the wall and I realize in two days I am literally leaving my home – my brain does this tiny kaboom thing. I break into a cold sweat because there’s no more time to waste. I have to make a decision about shoes.

Not just shoes (although how many/how heavy my shoes are is a constant source of stress) but it’s also the clothes. Do I need a sweatshirt? A jacket? A pair of jeans? Can I get away with a dressy outfit or do I need an actual dress? And if I pack a dress that leads us back around to shoes and a shrug and whether or not an evening purse is required.

I.will.not.lie. THIS is why women lose their damn minds packing to leave town. By the time I’ve worked my way through all the necessities and included a couple of backups the question of “gee, should I throw in workout clothes and sneakers” is almost laughable because who’s got the room or back strength to shove any more stuff in that backpack??

Add in the fact that I’ve got to throw together some kind of packing list for the kids and poof! there goes the brain again. Things are slightly better now that I don’t feel the need to check behind them – if they forgot it, they forgot it. We’ll figure it out on the fly and that’s that.

The packing is the worst of it. Prioritizing, picking, choosing, sorting, rolling, squishing…all a very necessary part of travel, I admit, but once you’re past it then you get the fun.

So why do bags sit in our room for weeks after we return from a trip? Is this to say unpacking is also the worst of it? Or am I just a whiny child when it comes to suitcases? Guess we’ll never know.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “(un)pack.” Use “pack” or its opposite in your post. Have fun!